Graphical Intellect

We are so caught up on the lyrical weapons the voice boxes of the youths hold when in honesty the true killer is the broken reality that drives them to turn away from facts,

And follow paths that don’t initiate collateral damage.

The pulsating veins push anger through the tips of fingers and fire bullets at enemies.

So caught up over the death of their close friend they don’t ponder on the sound of the pain or whether the safety catch is on.

We fall into the trap that the youth is corrupting generations to come but the hidden hierarchies are the ones who plant the power in the depths of their palms.

We are so brainwashed that these words reminded you of the crimes that take place in the names of the young.

What if it was revealed to you that all along, these lost causes were turning to grime and video games to feel they have a choice in the lives that remain.

Not everyone carries a knife or a gun in order to feel that they have won. Sometimes the controller to their sorrows is left in front of the TV screen, adjacent to games that the government plays in order to frame the young for the graphical deaths that we have all witnessed;

Either in fictional actualities or this broken reality.