Goodbye Sugar: Vivid Drinks Aim Towards Mental Focus and Energy

As a student, caffeine is your best friend with the on-the-go lifestyle most of us live. To early morning and late night study sessions, to a part-time job, caffeine is everyone’s go-to solution to keep going. With the caffeinated beverages that are your go to’s, like your favorite signature coffee, energy drink or soda, it is well known that they are not good for you at all. Why? Well, including an extensive list of ingredients, the amount of SUGAR in these drinks are alarming; you might as well drink liquid candy for that matter.

It is hard to find an alternative drink to boost your energy that has zero sugar or just weird ingredients you have trouble pronouncing, yet alone understanding what they are. Astoundingly, we consume a lot of sugar in our lifetime, around 1.5m grams (a tonne and a half) in total. Additionally, in a weeks time, adults drink around an average of 406.8 grams of sugar in their drinks, equalling to 21,154 grams of sugar in a year. That’s roughly 21 bags of sugar if you need a visual. CkRe45NUkAEHG3X.jpg-large

Luckily, there are better alternatives to getting your energy fix that are healthier and have no sugar. Drinking coffee plain or with powdered non-dairy creamer is a great option and tea is another favorite. But we tend to love drinks that are sweet and often push aside the notion that bitter is better. One brand that is looking to make a difference in the way that we look at caffeinated drinks is Vivid.

Vivid, a naturally caffeinated Matcha green tea beverage without the massive amounts of sugars we so often see in our drinks, has the interest of people in mind when you get down to the ingredients. Seeing that the science is clear on how sugar can negatively impact focus and concentration, along with other adverse effects, the Vivid range has zero-sugar so their drink can be more efficient to focus the mind.

Vivid contains natural caffeine and L-theanine from matcha green tea. This particular kind of tea has been widely found to improve learning performance, heighten mental acuity and promote concentration according to Russ Mason, M.S., 200 mg of Zen. L-theanine, when mixed with natural caffeine as found in Matcha, slowly releases caffeine into the bloodstream, leading to a more sustained, stable energy which lasts up to 6 hours, avoiding an energy slump when compared to the effects of energy drinks. And when compared with regular tea, matcha tea has more antioxidants and around 35 mg of caffeine.

Mental well-being is the motto behind the brand and with the studies of matcha green tea proving that this type of tea is beneficial to mental balance and health, we can see why Vivid is climbing the popularity chart with many consumers. Along with focusing on mental well-being, it is also prudent to point out that Vivid fights against the excessive use of sugar which is hard to avoid in today’s markets.

In many studies, sugar can attribute to many pitfalls in mental focus and general health.  Sugar distracts you, restricts memory and learning, accelerate forms of mental illness such as Alzheimers and depression, and the most heard of – physical health problems such as diabetes and obesity.

So the question is why do we still consume drinks that contain massive amounts of sugar or diet drinks that are also known to cause health issues on their own? Taboo or not, it could be that we are in fact addicted to sugar. Luckily, the creator behind Vivid Matcha Green Tea, James Shillcock, is taking us one step further to a new breed of energy drinks.

Read and earn more about the amazing benefits of Matcha powder here!

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