Going Digital: Coding and Karlie Kloss

Who has long pin-like legs, golden sun-kissed skin, a bombshell blowout, and mad computer skills? Give up? It’s the genetically gifted, avid coder and supermodel, Karlie Kloss.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Aren’t supermodels just paid to give their best Blue Steel to the camera, update their Instagrams, and eat Kale? Sure, some do, but not everyone is Ms. Kloss. In fact, much more goes on with the 6’2” Missouri native behind the camera.

Adding to her already impressive resume, Kloss has collaborated with Momofuku Milk Bar to create Karlie’s Kookies, with proceeds benefiting starving children around the world. She has her own YouTube channel, Klossy, which currently has almost 500,000 subscribers. And when she’s not fighting hunger, connecting with her fans, or holding her title as one of Forbes’ highest paid models, she’s closing the gender and wage gaps in male-dominated computer science industries.

In 2015, she partnered with the Flatiron School to offer her Kode with Karlie scholarship, aimed at young girls interested in computer science. After taking her first coding class at the Flatiron School in 2014, Karlie became interested in the language of computers and sought to use her following to encourage young women to pursue coding as well – a field that is generally monopolized by men. There have been recent efforts to drum up interest in the computer science and engineering fields for women, with many schools creating coding clubs for girls and providing scholarships for them to learn. But perhaps, it will take an icon of femininity and glamour like Kloss to overcome the stigmatism surrounding the math and science industries. And she’s not stopping there.

In 2016, she expanded her scholarship program to teach 80 girls in three different cities: St. Louis (her hometown), NYC, and Los Angeles. Furthermore, after receiving applications from women over 18, the Kode with Klossy Career Scholarship program was born to help prepare women who were ready to commit to a career in code.

The world seems to have noticed Karlie’s efforts. In 2016, she was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People for her achievements on and off the runway. If that’s not enough, in her free time, she hits the books!The busy cover girl enrolled at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study in the fall of 2015.

Perhaps by showing us that a supermodel can wear many hats (pun fully intended), Karlie Kloss has shown the world that the most compelling women are the ones who redefine it.

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