Godiva Unveils Three New Chocolate Collections

Over the course of its ninety-year history, the name Godiva has become synonymous with delicious chocolate. The Belgian chocolatier has been making all kinds of milk and dark chocolates since 1926, and it has become known all over the world for its amazing creations. Now, Godiva is unveiling three delicious new chocolate collections, each of which is a unique and innovative new take on its traditional chocolates.

The Truffles Delices collection contains six rich and delicious new flavors of truffles. Each one contains a decadent aerated mousse flavored with a combination of fruits and spices and encased in a rich milk or dark chocolate shell. The six inventive new flavor combinations are passion fruit and pink pepper, black tea and ginger, blood orange and grapefruit, coffee and blonde chocolate, raspberry and rose, and almond and orange blossom. Each truffle is its own unique culinary experience that is beautifully textured, flavored, and presented.

The Gold Discovery collection is a modern new take on the traditional box of chocolates. This collection features sixteen new chocolates, each one artfully shaped for aesthetic appeal and packed full of amazing new flavors. A few of our favorites are the strawberry and lychee, artisan caramel and blond mousse, pistachio praline, and raspberry ganache and rose. Like the truffles, each of these flavors is encased in Godiva’s traditional dark, milk, or white chocolate. Packaged together in a newly-designed version of the classic Godiva gold box, they’re a treat that is both beautiful and delicious.

Finally, the new 2017 Christmas Collection is a range of heavenly holiday chocolate treats. This collection contains many different flavors, from traditional holiday favorites like gingerbread to less season-specific ones like lemon, pistachio, and latte. Each of these chocolates is shaped like a small gift box and charmingly colored to match its flavor. The variety of flavors that come in the collection ensures that there is something great for everyone. This beautiful and delectable new collection is the perfect holiday gift for any of the chocolate lovers in your life.

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