Cutting down on wrapping paper (61%) is the number one way those researched plan to be more sustainable ahead of, not buying plastic Christmas decorations (50%), not purchasing Christmas crackers (34%) getting a fake Christmas tree (33%), and having a vegan Christmas (14%).
The research also shows that the total amount of rolls of wrapping paper Brits are set to use this festive season is 72,312,300.* The study was conducted by The World’s Most Rubbish (TWMR) to launch #CutTheWrap, a new UK movement that aims to build awareness of the environmental issues caused by wrapping paper during the festive season.
Seven in ten Brits (71%) also feel that there are not enough alternative choices available to single-use products, with six in ten (59%) admitting that the information available on being sustainable can be conflicting and confusing.


In response to this, the #CutTheWrap movement believes that cutting down on wrapping paper use is an easy way to make more sustainable choices. Leading British charities Hubbub and Friends of the Earth have given their support to the movement, and it is hoped this will encourage others to get behind the movement in the coming weeks.
Julian Kirby, plastics campaigner at Friends of the Earth, added: “Unfortunately, a lot of companies line their wrapping paper with plastic. This means it can’t be recycled so ends up in landfill, incinerators or polluting the environment and harming wildlife. We need legislation to
make companies take responsibility for this, but it’s also easy for us all to do our part to cut down on festive plastic waste.”
#CutTheWrap is a movement that everyone can get involved in, whether that’s showing support by sharing a pledge on social media to ‘Go Naked’ (not using single-use wrapping paper) or encouraging friends to adopt new and playful rituals when it comes to gift giving this year.
The World’s Most Rubbish, is a global community of consumers, creators & brands on a mission to make single-use a thing of the past by transforming the sustainability agenda from obligation to opportunity. For more information on the #CutTheWrap movement visit www.cut-the-wrap.com.