Inspiring kids to eat healthily can be hard – it can turn an ordinary mealtime into a battle! Luckily, supermarket Aldi has released its top tips and tricks to help the whole family enjoy fresh food at home, inspired by their Get Set to Eat Fresh healthy eating education programme. With a range of Super 6 fresh fruits and vegetables available to purchase at everyday amazing prices, Aldi has everything you need to help your kids eat well and feel good.


Tummy Power

It’s important to understand that your child is their very own well-oiled machine; what goes in will determine what comes out. Their young tummies are at the core of their energy production system – establishing everything from how happy they are to how high they’re able to jump.


To understand the power of their tummies, kids need to be eating the right foods to realise the benefits; you can start this by ensuring fresh vegetables such as bell peppers are incorporated into everyday meals, so eating fresh becomes a routine. Secondly, sit down with your little one and share bite-sized facts about which foods will best help them to run, dance and play to keep them interested. Finally, youngsters love imitating adults, so why not teach yours the value of eating fresh by showing them! Pile your plate high with leafy greens next mealtime and watch as your little one copies.


Teaching your youngster to unlock the power of their tummy will help to educate them on which meals they need to munch in order to stay in tip-top condition – a healthy amount of carbohydrates such as a fresh, tomato-based pasta dish can fuel your little one for hours. If you’ve followed the steps but find your youngster is still craving chicken nuggets and chips, take a look at Aldi’s Team GB content series at to show them what’s really possible when they eat their greens!


According to a Team GB Nutritionist, “In their early years, encouraging kids to have good eating habits including a wide variety of different foods will benefit them in the long term. In sport, those young athletes that have good nutritional practices will reap the benefit as they progress into senior squads and prepare for big competitions such as an Olympic Games.”


Eat the Rainbow

The rainbow has become a recognised symbol of hope nationwide; little hands have been busy drawing rainbows to show support for others during the coronavirus lockdown. For a bright idea, Aldi suggests asking your youngster to eat the rainbow and unlock all the colour on their plates! Can they perfectly match the rich red of the top of the rainbow to their favourite fruit? Does the glowing green centre resemble their most liked vegetable? It’s the perfect time to hop on a popular trend and encourage your kids to do good, whilst feeling good.


Create your edible rainbows with Aldi’s irresistible range of fresh fruits and veggies; see in store for this week’s amazing prices.


Edible Art




Override your fussy eater’s taste buds by creating a magical plate of goodness that even the pickiest of kids won’t be able to pass up. Mealtimes can be made much more vibrant by creating fun, memorable scenes out of what’s put on their plates. Why not create a sublimely sunny beach scene with a striking combination of yellow peppers and pineapple, or transport them to a lush, leafy field using scrumptious salad and curly kale?


If you’ve got a particularly fussy eater, sit down with your tot to make their own everyday amazing creation! Whether they design a new menacing monster or a hopeful hero, edible art is a great way of helping them understand that having a variety of colours on your plate is an important part of eating a balanced diet.


One Aldi shopper that’s been inspiring her little one, and hundreds of fellow parents to create a healthier plate with a bit of creative artwork is Kerrie Duffy from Fareham. Kerrie says, “My three-year-old, Zara, loves it when I use fruit and veg to recreate some of her favourite characters and scenes on her plate; oranges are now mini basketballs and grapes have become little gems in our household! She gets so excited about these mealtimes that I now find her asking for veggies!”


Kerrie’s edible art has been such a huge hit with Zara, she’s inspired others to create their own masterpieces for their kids to enjoy. Shaping food into everything from a pretty peacock made out of kiwi to the scenic summer stroll with seasonal veggies, the sky is the limit when it comes to edible art!



Support your little one in keeping healthy by reminding them of the five-a-day rule of thumb. If your standard “An apple a day…” doesn’t work on your kids, make it more fun by comparing fruit to their favourite objects. Instead of an orange, it’s an Olympic gold medal! Before you know it, they’ll be reaching their daily intake with ease. For Aldi’s full list of Olympic five-a-day comparisons, see below:


  • Orange – Olympic Gold Medal
  • Green Apple – Tennis Ball
  • Banana – Yellow Taekwondo Belt
  • Pineapple Rings – Bike Wheels
  • Pear – Badminton Shuttlecock


So, there you have it, Aldi’s top tips and tricks so you can help the apple of your eye to understand the importance of eating healthily next mealtime.


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