Get London Marathon Ready with Zarbee’s

Prepare to elevate your performance to new heights with Zarbee’s, offering a range of premium solutions designed to fortify against inflammation, viruses, and endurance-hindering illnesses, ensuring your immune system is primed for optimal performance.

As the London Marathon swiftly approaches, both seasoned athletes and courageous newcomers find themselves immersed in their last intense training sessions, nearing the end of preparations for the big race. And for those not braving the 26.2 mile ordeal, the approach of the much-anticipated summer season means health and fitness remain at front of mind.

A recent Harvard Medical School study revealed that maintaining a strong immune system can yield significant advantages for fitness and exercise – including running. By improving immune system, runners can reduce muscle inflammation, which in turn enhances the muscles’ ability to use energy as fuel and improve the overall exercise endurance.

Wellness brand Zarbee’s is the perfect companion to get marathon or summer ready with. Zarbee’s offers Immune Support supplements developed to support your immune system (and overall health to help fight off viruses like Covid and the common cold which could impact training progress). All of Zarbee’s products are made with naturally sourced ingredients, pure honey and contain no artificial colours or flavours.

For those keen for that final boost, here are some products that will ensure you remain at your very best for all that’s coming up:

Zarbee’s Adult Immune Support supplement (RRP £9.49) contains pure honey, rosehip fruit extract and essential vitamins, including Vitamin C, Vitamin D and biotin, that support your immune system every day. Voted Product of the Year, this is a great-tasting add-on to your daily routine to support your immune system all year round.

Zarbee’s Adult Evening Immune Support supplement (RRP £11.99), also voted Product of the Year, contains pure honey and lavender flower extract. With added biotin, it helps support normal mucous membranes including the lining of your throat and airways. This is best taken just before bed, to support the immune system and give it that extra boost overnight.

You can shop the Zarbee’s range, including the Adult Immune Support supplement and the Adult Evening Immune Support supplement at Boots, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Amazon, Ocado, and Asda. Find out more here.

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