Gatorade, the world’s number one sports drink, launches an epic new global campaign to inspire future generations mentally and physically to achieve greatness, by facing any challenge ahead with confidence. In an exciting hero film, titled “The Next 90 Minutes” starring Messi, Gatorade reinforces that no matter the level of athlete, preparation is the key to confidence on the pitch.

Gatorade is proud to have fuelled Messi through pivotal moments in his incredible career, and this new campaign champions this long-standing partnership with seven time Ballon D’Or winner. Also featuring legends of the game Roberto Carlos and Robert Pires, the trio of athletes have united to show how the secret to success is not what the challenge is, but how prepared you are to face it.

The sports drink brand has long been using its science-backed research through GSSI (Gatorade Sports Science Institute) to help strengthen and improve athletes’ mental and physical game, inspiring them to play at their peak. As a partner to performance, Gatorade encourages all athletes to never settle on their path to greatness.

“Through Gatorade’s long-standing partnership with Messi, we’ve witnessed first-hand his level of preparation, and how this brings the confidence needed to conquer any challenge in front of him.” Robert Blythe, Senior Marketing Director at PepsiCo, commented, “Our new hero film demonstrates how Gatorade fuels the greatest athletes on their own paths to greatness at the most important moments of their career, whilst celebrating Messi’s world-renowned desire to win. Through ‘The Next 90 Minutes’ we want to inspire future G.O.AT.s that preparation, dedication and facing challenges head on is what it takes to be the best.”.

Messi commented: “Throughout my career, I’ve learned that success is a result of a combination of factors, but preparation plays a key part. Taking the time to prepare your body and mind, and visualize the game ahead is a skill in itself. This is why it’s been amazing to work with Gatorade to launch ‘The Next 90 Minutes’ campaign, to share my pregame ritual, and inspire the next generation on their own path to greatness”.

To celebrate Messi’s extraordinary achievements to date, simultaneously launching is a limited-edition version ofGatorade’s iconic Gx Bottle co-designed by Messi himself. The illustrations capture his life and epic legacy in the bottle. Both his hometown and the football community have always played a central part in Messi’s life and are paid tribute throughout the bottle.

Messi’s signature celebratory pose is shown in gold and is the focal point of the back of the bottle. Elsewhere, his beloved home country of Argentina is represented with nods to its iconic monuments and landmarks including the Paraná River. Messi’s love for the game is also woven subtly throughout the imagery, including a soccer field, penalty box, cleats, goal netting and ball. The abstract design of the bottle is inspired by Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles paying homage to the culture that raised and continues to inspire him. The limited-edition Gx bottle is available to purchase in the USA only, at and in limited stores.

From sponsoring some of the best athletes in the world, to creating Gatorade 5v5, a grassroots programme to inspire the next generation, Gatorade has had a strong presence in sport throughout its history. This, alongside its extensive research with the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, where the brand offers access to expert information and scientifically backed resources, sets Gatorade apart as the leading brand in developing sports performance.

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