Game of Thrones as Told By Funko POPs

With the first episode of Game of Thrones airing last week many fans were happier than ever, but were still left with some major cliffhangers. If you missed the first episode of season six, don’t worry, because we have some adorable POP figurines summarizing where the story’s at so far. Mini spoilers (no pun intended) ahead.

With episode one being The Red Woman, the striking coloured character of Melisandre is really apt to begin thankfully here wearing her necklace:



Last seen in episode 5 riding away on her beloved dragon, Drogon, we see Daenerys, still a Khaleesi, but captured by the Dothraki:



Daenery’s eternal stalker, Jorah soon to turn to stone is still searching for her once again:


And remember, before Daenerys was captured by the Dothraki, her army fought for her:


Whilst they were attacked and driven out of Mereen by the Harpies:


Characters missing in action are Stannis Baratheon, last seen at battle with his own army:


Bronn too has disappeared after his travels to Dorne with Jamie:


Meanwhile the ambitious Queen Margaery Tyrell who has fallen from grace, still refuses to confess:


Now that Jon Snow is gone, leader of the White Walkers, the Night King lies in wait ….!


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