Funzing: THE Solution to Boredom

On more than one occasion recently, I can recall literally having nothing to do. With friends out of town, work going slow, and limited motivation to get outside the comfort of my own home – I’ve been constantly thinking: Is there anything fulfilling I can do with all this wasted time?

Then I stumbled upon Funzing, which has been a fix to these problems. Funzing enables you and everyone else in the online community, to connect to one another in group settings; whether it be parkour classes or juicing lessons – Funzing has something for you to do that’s actually productive. Instead of going to the pub and having a pint, or vacantly flipping through the channels on the TV, you can learn new skills and make new friends.

For example, a unique event offered by Funzing last week was a Jon Snow memorial day. Attendees were transported to the land of Westeros where they were initiated into the Nights Watch before  a solemn memorial ceremony and singing of the Rains of Castamere before seeing off their hero with Game of Thrones themed cocktails. This is definitely better than the Netflix marathon you were planning.

So regardless of who you are, what you’re interested in, and where in London you live– Funzing will lead you to great places so that you can meet friends, start new hobbies, and acquire new skill sets; all of which are worth the time you’d otherwise waste away. 

Visit to find out more, or check out their social media on Twitter @FunzingUK and Facebook: for upcoming events. Say goodbye to boredom!

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