Freshers make September the busiest month for jobs ever this year

It has been revealed the casual employment industry in the UK reported a 24% rise in job applications in September, due to an influx of students heading into cities to study and cover living costs. JOB TODAYalso recorded a massive 45% of those who signed up to the app this September were aged 18-24.

Proving that girls do indeed run the world, the analysis carried out by the UK’s number one hiring app also found that females were 52% more active than male students when it came to applying for roles in the lead up to freshers’ week.

For September, not only were the number of applications up, but so were the number of jobs published. From waiting roles in restaurants and bars to Saturday jobs in salons, the app noted a rise of 14% from job posters in just one month.

Freshers’ favourite roles

  1. Barista +24%
  2. Waiter & Waitress +24%
  3. Kitchen Staff +18%
  4. Cleaning +17%

The research also highlighted a trend that students are keen to adopt skills that will help them survive during university. With kitchen staff jobs third most popular on the list, long gone are the days of beans on toast and with cleaning jobs a close fourth, they can learn how to do their own laundry.

More specifically, students are keen to land a role in the city of London. Over 700 of them have applied for an office role in Shoreditch and Angel this month, nearly 500 for a Gucci pop up on Oxford Street and 400 for Mango on the same prestigious London road.

Commenting on the new research, Polina Montano, co-founder at JOB TODAY said:

With freshers’ week officially over, it’s not surprising that students are looking for a means to make up for the heavy week of partying that no doubt took a toll on their pockets – we’ve all been there!

The influx of students moving into cities such as London is welcomed in the industry, as these are jobs that offer staff flexibility and they can learn on the go. Their app perfectly meets the demands of the future workforce in being mobile first, so it’s easy to do on the move and connects students with job opportunities in close reach.


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