freshers-flu-still-11Thursday 29th September The new University term may have just begun, but it’s today, the 29th September, when cases of Freshers’ Flu will peak in halls of residences up and down the country.

Despite only recently packing them off to University, new research by Kleenex® reveals that parents should already be on standby, with more calls home complaining of sore throats, blocked noses and fevers happening today than at any other time in the University calendar.

Far from being a student myth, the research shows that in the first three weeks of term alone, there were over ten thousand mentions of Freshers’ Flu on social media. It’s also the girls who appear to suffer the most, accounting for 75% of all conversations around the subject.

Looking at the social media data from individual Universities for 2015, students in Manchester (298 mentions), Leeds (185) and Liverpool (182) are most at risk from catching a bout of the illness, with the greatest volume of complaints in the UK. While Cambridge and Oxford top the University League tables, both are very much near the bottom when it comes to cases of Freshers’ Flu; just 20 mentions of the illness were sent from each campus.

freshers-flu-still-4The Top 5 Worst University cities for Freshers’ Flu:

1. Manchester

2. Leeds

3. Liverpool

4. Cardiff

5. Newcastle


Karel Van Der Mandele at Kleenex says: “Navigating new timetables, the campus and roommates is challenging enough for any student. Add cold and flu to the mix and any fresher will certainly feel a million miles away from home. Knowing today is the day they will most likely be needing a bit of home comfort, parents might want to add a box of Kleenex next time they send the usual stock of baked beans, washing powder and toothpaste.”

In order to help students prepare for Freshers’ Flu, Kleenex has worked with student blogger, Charlotte’s Web, to offer her 5 top tips:

freshers-flu-still-31)    Tissues, tissues and more tissues – On the go, or in your room, make sure you have a tissue nearby at all times. If you want go to the extra mile in making pals with your roommates, pick up some Kleenex with your weekly shop and leave a box in the kitchen for everyone

2)    Get out and explore – Once you’re out and about you’ll start to feel the benefits of being active and the fresh air, plus it’s a great way of getting to grips with your new home

3)    Eat healthy – Grabbing a few fresh ingredients on your weekly shop rather than the standard ready meal is sure to have your body feeling better in no time

4)    Create a home from home – Blankets, cushions and photos are great but other additions to the bedroom, like fairy lights and plants, all work together to make your room feel like your own, helping with your overall mood and well being

5)    Fruit teas – These are a great option when it comes to getting some goodness back in your body as they’re packed with antioxidants and overall are a great alternative to fizzy drinks


Study of social media data on Twitter by Kleenex (date: September 10th 2015 – October 10th 2015)


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  • KLEENEX® is ranked as the 89th best global brand (Interbrand)
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