So much happens during one singular week in the NFL. How could one possibly cover everything thing that goes on from the NFC East to the AFC West, from Thursday to Monday, from injury wire to biggest fantasy implications?

Verge tries to wrap up each game and blanket the important storylines in only four sentences, or four quarters. Week three is over, let’s get to it.

Thursday Night Football

Philadelphia Eagles 34 – Green Bay Packers 27

THAT is what the Thursday night games should look like. Better yet, that is what the Eagles should be playing like, wow did they need an impressive win like that.

With Philly now home in week 5 against a Sam Darnold-less Jets team, the Eagles should be looking at 3-2. The Packers would really help them out with a bounceback victory when they head to Dallas on Sunday.

Tennessee Titans 24 – Atlanta Falcons 10

Two of the least consistent teams battled it out and things are now even more dire for Dan Snyder’s Falcons. What a difference two weeks makes, where Drew Brees went down with a thumb injury and Atlanta won in heroic fashion against the Eagles on Sunday Night Football.

The Falcons are now 1-3 with very little hope to gain enough traction for the NFC South title. At least the Titans are back in the win column after an explosive first half from Mariota and new favourite target AJ Brown.

New England Patriots 16 – Buffalo Bills 10

This was a statement game for the Bills, who had a chance to leap over New England for an early AFC East lead. Even in the loss, Buffalo proved they should be taken seriously.

The Bills defence made Tom Brady’s life difficult all day, and even Josh Allen on his worst game of the season did enough to lead his team to score the first offensive touchdown on the Patriots defence. You have to wonder what the 4th quarter would have looked like if Allen wasn’t knocked out of the game from a concussion.

Kansas City Chiefs 34 – Detroit Lions 30

This was another game for an undefeated team who missed the playoffs a year prior to prove how real of a contender they were. Again, the better team prevailed but the losing side proved a great deal.

Detroit will be giving the rest of the NFC North a fight for the rest of the season, taking Matt Patricia off the hot seat for now. Meanwhile, the Pat Mahomes’ led game-winning drive continued to cement the young QB’s legacy as the best player in the entire NFL until proven otherwise.

Oakland Raiders 31 – Indianapolis Colts 24

If only Vontaze Burfict didn’t go headhunting for a season-ending suspension, the Raiders impressive win over the Colts would remain the focal point. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Burfict continues to be a menace to the rest of the league. One can only hope his suspension will not bring down a Raiders team on the rise, looking to stay in the win column as they arrive for the first London game.

Los Angeles Chargers 30 – Miami Dolphins 10

Good teams win games they are supposed to win. Make no mistake, the LA Chargers are a good team, even if they are struggling.

Battling injuries and inconsistent play, the Chargers did what they needed to do and dismantled the Dolphins. Now they get Melvin Gordon back from his holdout if only their receivers and secondary could get healthy.

Washington Redskins 3 – New York Giants 24

Dwayne Haskins was finally thrown into the fire for his club to less than stellar results. Washington moved to 0-4 and gave the Giants their second consecutive victory, sending Haskins back to the bench for now.

Washington now turns to longtime backup Colt McCoy next week. Meanwhile, Daniel Jones will see his first real test when that vicious Vikings defence comes to town.

Cleveland Browns 40 – Baltimore Ravens 25

Freddie Kitchens Browns team had their backs against the wall going on the road to face the Ravens. Staring 1-3 in the face, they turned it into a blowout victory and a current lead in the AFC North.

Nick Chubb was the hero of Cleveland’s victory, taking some pressure off of Mayfield and Beckham. Lamar Jackson could never catch up to Chubb’s 165 yards and 3 touchdowns, sending Baltimore’s season into a state of questioning.

Carolina Panthers 16 – Houston Texans 10

It’s been a tale of two Texans teams through the first 4 weeks of the season. Some weeks show an improved offensive line and a Deshaun Watson ready to take home his first MVP.

The Panthers defence and back up Kyle Allen put an end to that version of the Houston Texans, simultaneously keeping their season alive. Also, no one currently knows if Cam Newton will see the field again this year, however that won’t matter if Allen and company keep winning.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 55 – Los Angeles Rams 40

The LA Rams gave up 55 points at home. This is concerning for any team with Super Bowl expectations.

As bad as the Rams defence looked, the main questions continue to be about the LA backfield. Even with the return of Cooper Kupp, will Todd Gurley ever return to past production, and can Jarred Goff do win consistently if Gurley’s elite days are already behind him?

Seattle Seahawks 27 – Arizona Cardinals 10

While the Rams gave up their lead of the NFC West, the Seahawks moved closer to taking control of it. Behind great defensive play and Russell Wilson doing enough, they beat the Cardinals convincingly.

With the 49ers remaining undefeated through their bye week, San Francisco is currently leading this stacked division. The Rams and Seahawks will have a chance to keep pace for the division lead when they face off on Thursday Night Football in Seattle.

Minnesota Vikings 6 – Chicago Bears 16

Kirk Cousins is having a poor season. So poor, he was outplayed by longtime backup Chase Daniel in the Vikings embarrassing loss to the Bears.

It’s one thing to struggle, but another entirely when your teammates are calling you out. Adam Theilen proclaims the Vikings need to throw the ball downfield, Stefon Diggs doesn’t deny trade requests, and Minnesota goes into New York with lots to prove and desperate for a convincing win.

Jacksonville Jaguars 26 – Denver Broncos 24

The Jags season started in such dire straits, after losing Nick Foles in their first game, Jalen Ramsey demanding a trade and starting the season 0-2. It was looking about as grim as the Broncos season currently looks sitting at 0-4.

Gardner Minshew has come in and kept his teams year afloat. The rookie, along with Leonard Fournette’s 200 yards rushing, got Jacksonville the win and the Jags succeed in keeping pace with the rest of the AFC South.

Dallas Cowboys 10 – New Orleans Saints 12

Say what you will about the way the Saints have won these past two weeks, but Teddy Bridgewater is 2-0 as a starter this season. In place of the injured Drew Brees, Bridgewater has gone on the road to beat the Seahawks and took down the undefeated Cowboys.

Dallas and Dak Prescott had this victory in their grasp. Instead, they move to 3-1 with Aaron Rodgers coming to town, with a chance at losing their division lead as quickly as they obtained it.

Monday Night Football

Cincinnati Bengals 3 – Pittsburgh Steelers 27

The Steelers are 1-3 after trouncing the Bengals on Monday Night Football. Miraculously after an 0-3 start, their season is not over yet.

The keyword is yet, with no time to celebrate if you’re Pittsburgh. Mason Rudolph has a lot of growing up to do if he wants to get his team to the playoffs and show he truly is Ben Roethlisberger’s future long term replacement.

Thursday Night Football (Week 5)

Los Angeles Rams 29 – Seattle Seahawks 30

If you’ve watched a serviceable amount of the first quarter of the NFL season, you’d know this Rams team just doesn’t look the same this year. Now, after a missed game-winning field goal attempt, they move to 3-2.

Seattle, at 4-1, has begun to truly put doubters to rest after a riveting win over their LA rivals. As an added bonus, the NFL can rejoice after yet another electric Thursday Night Football matchup.