Formosa 900 – Your chance to see a new side of Taiwan

It is hard to believe that we are already in August. With summer winding down and universities starting back up, are you wishing that you had just taken that trip or done one last cycling excursion? Now, just imagine cycling in a foreign location, with some of the best biking trails in the world.

Well, stretch your fingers and start typing, because the Taiwan Tourism Bureau is looking for an individual, like yourself, to be an ambassador for the Taiwan Cycling Festival in one of their most popular events, the Formosa 900.

The Formosa 900 is a nine-day round-island cycling tour that takes you through the East Rift Valley, running north and south through the Hualien and Taitung counties. At a leisurely pace, you will be able to view the beauty of Taiwan and take in the breathtaking views of their central and coastal mountain ranges, which are the second highest in eastern Asia.

Being an untamed, off-road paradise, Taiwan has some of the most desirable trails. The center and south of Taiwan is home to some of the world’s most spectacular views whilst the southern area contains some of the best cross-country riding on the island. In the hills of Northern Taiwan, the La La Shan trail takes you through 18 km of forest and the trails of Sun Moon Lake and Yucki Township loop through Taiwan’s largest alpine lake – which has been named one of the world’s “10 Most Breathtaking Cycling Routes” by CNN Travel. With having one of the world’s best leisure and competitive cycling backdrops, local bike culture and beautiful scenery, it is no wonder Taiwan is Asia’s top cycling destination.

So what do you need to do? Send your application with details about yourself and why you should be a Taiwan Cycling Ambassador and what you will do to promote Taiwan and the Cycling Festival. Either through blog posts to writing articles in University magazines, or even focusing on promoting Taiwan through an on-campus event, bring your creative insight on why you should be an ambassador!

Send your creative application to and tell us why YOU should be the next Taiwan Cycling Ambassador!

Applicants are also asked to attach and fill out the Cycling Application Form- 2015  when submitting your creative application!

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You are:

Taiwan fan

Love cycling

Are creative and innovative

And like to tell the world about your experiences

We give you:

The chance to discover Taiwan and experience the Taiwan cycling Festival

What you need to do?

Send us your application with details about yourself

Explain why you should be the “Taiwan Cycling Ambassador”

Explain what will you do to promote Taiwan and the Cycling Festival

For more information on Taiwan, visit


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