For the hottest eye look, use Lashes by Samantha!

On Wednesday night, Verge was lucky enough to join The Only Way is Essex’s Samantha Faiers, her family, friends, and a few other news outlets to celebrate the release and success of “Lashes by Samantha”, a line of false eyelashes. Although the line has been out for a few months, Samantha was adamant that there should be a launch party for her newest creation. “Every great product needs a party!” Samantha said about halfway through the night.


I was lucky enough to speak with Samantha during the launch and she was nothing but excited and friendly. “I’m so glad everyone was able to come tonight,” she said, admiring the room around her. When I asked what caused her to want her own line of false lashes, she said, “After the success of the fragrance [La Bella] it was really important to me that we made lashes. I have easily spent thousands of pounds on lashes—I mean when I was a teenage I would spend at least £20 a week on lashes. I wanted something that was durable, everyone could use, and had no latex!”


The line of lashes consists of three different styles: “Oh! So Natural”, “If Looks Could Kill”, and “The Glam It Up!” Each style is designed to be perfect for any look ranging from an everyday to a high-end that would work for any important event. According to Samantha, the most important feature of the lashes is that there was no latex anywhere in the product. “It was really important to me that the lashes had absolutely no latex,” Samantha said. As someone who has spent so much money on false lashes, there was no one better than Faiers to create her own line of lashes. As she said, “lashes are my thing!”

Overall, the party seemed to be a success. As a guest, I can say that the event was certainly a great time. Good drinks, nice company, and we all celebrated the success of a great product. Verge only hopes for the continued success of Samantha Faiers and any future endeavors she will embark on.