FLORA has unveiled its passion for bringing great-tasting goodness to families with the announcement that its full range is now 100% plant based. Bursting with plant goodness, FLORA not only appeals to families looking for a great tasting spread, it also taps into the growing trend for plant based diets, with plant based consumption increasing by 300% in the last year alone.

Naturally contains omega-3 and 6 and at least 60% lower in saturated fat than butter, all FLORA spreads are now created with just seven simple ingredients. Each mouthful is as great tasting as the last, whether you have used it for spreading, cooking or baking.

Clare Preedy, Senior Marketing Manager explains: “FLORA has a heritage of championing sunflower goodness, which is why we’re taking our passion for plants to the next level by becoming 100% plant based. We believe in the goodness of plants and the benefits they bring, without compromising on taste. We want everyone to feel great about what they eat, so we’re really proud of how delicious the new FLORA range is.”




With great new recipes that make FLORA more delicious than ever, our 100% plant based range can be enjoyed by the whole family at every occasion: Whether that is gatherings over home-made pie, fairy cakes made for the school fair or picnics packed for the park.

Brand ambassador Simon Rimmer comments: “As a chef, I love creating delicious food from fresh ingredients, plant-based or otherwise. I think it is great that FLORA has decided to make its spreads 100% plant based, whilst making sure they taste fantastic. By working with them, I hope to show how easy it is to create amazing, plant based meals”




Looking for a tasty and trusted family winner? Melted on oven-fresh bread, soaked into warm hot cross buns or generously spooned on top of fluffy new potatoes, FLORA Original has been loved by generations, for generations. Naturally rich in omega-3, 100% of the ingredients come from natural origins and there’s absolutely no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.



For a lighter option, try FLORA Light. With the great taste of FLORA with 40 calories per 10g serving. Use it to make tempting toast, spectacular sandwiches and hit-the-spot snacks.


FLORA BUTTERY                     


Keen bakers and sandwich makers rejoice! FLORA Buttery has the creamy taste you crave with 100% plant goodness. What’s not to love? Melt onto hot vegetables, fold with love into cake mixtures, or even use for pan frying. Treat your partner, kids or just yourself to its indulgent taste.



For those with dairy allergies or intolerances we recommend FLORA Dairy Free. Certified with absolutely no dairy, FLORA Dairy Free is packed full of flavour and free from preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. An ideal alternative to butter with no compromises. Use for spreading on crackers or sandwiches and for baking delicious dairy free treats.