Can Cannabis Make Your Life Better?

There has been a lot of debate around the legal use of cannabis, and although it’s illegal in most places – including the UK – there is speculation that it could happen within the next five years.

In light of London Cannabis Week (21-25 May), Derek Riedle, CEO and Publisher of Civilized, shares five ways cannabis can change your life for the better.


Push Your Workout Further

Let’s get this right out of the way first. Not everyone who consumes cannabis fits the stereotype. We’re not all layabouts who scarf down Doritos for dinner. In fact, Civilized’s 2018 Cannabis Culture Poll revealed that North American consumers are nearly 75 per cent more likely to exercise. 

The team has interviewed a runner who uses cannabis as part of his training for 100-mile ultramarathons. We’ve also covered cannabis yoga classes, weed-friendly gyms, and the 420 Games. There’s an inspiring group of leaders who use cannabis as part of a wellness regimen.

Even retired professional athletes like Cliff Robinson and Eugene Monroe are speaking out about using cannabis to heal and recover from their injuries without resorting to addictive opioids.


Get a Better Night’s Sleep

If you’re one of those people who toss and turn, struggling with sleep, you might want to try a cannabis indica strain.

Indica is one of the two major species of cannabis, and it provides a relaxing body high that makes it ideal for rest and pain relief. If you’ve heard people describe weed making them mellow, chances are they were talking about an indica.


Combat Stress

Our lives are busier than ever before, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Cannabis can help reduce stress in the same way that a glass of red wine with dinner can. In fact, more than 40 per cent of American cannabis consumers said they turn to cannabis to blow off some steam.


Cannabis and Creativity

An alternative to indica, cannabis sativa provides an energizing, rejuvenating kind of high, one that goes to your head. If you’ve ever gotten stuck while working on a project, a sativa could be just the thing to unlock your creativity and get the ideas flowing. You can even grow your own using cannabis seeds.



I’ve left the best for last. There are several reports which show that cannabis makes sex better. Our own research backs that up. Cannabis consumers tend to have sex more frequently, and when they do, many reported that it was more intense, pleasurable and longer-lasting.

You’ll need to do some hands-on research to see which strain of cannabis works best for you and your partner.