Five Reasons 2nd Year Students Should Stay in Student Accommodation

Living in student halls in your second year of university is sometimes an option that’s overlooked by students, despite the many benefits halls can provide.

From all inclusive bills to avoiding dodgy landlords, there are so many reasons to stick with somewhere that’s been purpose-built for you and your needs as a student. Here are the best reasons student accommodation is a great option for second-year students.

You can choose who to live with

For many students, the only reason they move out of their accommodation is so they can live with their friends in second year. Did you know that many accommodation providers offer you the chance to choose who you live with as well? So instead of searching for a house, you and your friends can simply choose to live together in a place that you know you all like.

When staying in student accommodation in your second year, you won’t be surrounded by freshers throwing wild parties all the time like you might have experienced during first year. Most let you and your friends request to be near other second years, so you’ll be able to work in peace, yet still enjoy the social side halls can offer.

Added Security

According to the NUS, one in three students will be a victim of a crime during their time at university. When students live together in private housing, they might each have their own TV, laptop, speakers and games consoles, which make student houses a big target for burglars.

Private halls can provide 24-hour security for students, with electronic gates or round-the-clock security guards. To make you feel even safer, most rooms have locks on all bedroom and front doors.

It can help with your budget

Student accommodation has all inclusive bills, often including super fast internet, which would otherwise cost anywhere between £35 and £75 a month. All inclusive bills also mean no budgeting per month for your gas, electricity and water, as it will all be taken directly from your rent.

When you live in a house share, you have to deal with the hassle of splitting bill payments between you and your housemates. This inevitably leads to chasing that one person who never pays on time, arguments at the end of the tenancy about who owes what and maybe even a bad mark on your credit file. With student housing, you’ll never have to worry about splitting the bills!

Maintenance issues

We’ve all heard the horror stories of student houses; burst pipes in the middle of exam season, dodgy landlords who won’t fix basic problems, sub-par decorating and hidden costs. With student accommodation, everything will be up to an excellent standard, and there will be no hidden costs.

If you decide to move into private housing, landlords are only obliged to fix certain faults, such as structural features, bathroom fittings, heating, hot water, gas appliances and wiring. Things like furniture and electrical appliances will be your responsibility.

If you have a maintenance problem and report it to your landlord, you will be at the mercy of their schedule, and will still have to pay full rent while waiting for the repairs to be fixed.

In student halls, you will have a maintenance team on hand to fix any problems that may occur. This means that your issues will be fixed immediately, and you will not have to work around your personal schedule.

Location, location, location

The location of student housing will have been specially selected to ensure they are close to your university campuses, and other necessary amenities.

Cheaper house shares are often located towards the outskirts of city centres, in areas that aren’t as well serviced by local transport or that lack local amenities. This could lead to increased travel times and costs when getting to and from university, as well as missing out on the social life living near town brings.

Not every student is the same, and some will be much more suited to staying in halls for their second year than they would be moving into a house. Staying in halls is an option that should not be overlooked, and if you want to save yourself hassle, travel costs and security worries, then you should consider signing up for another year.

Rosa Mitchell is a content writer for Pure Student Living, providers of luxurious student accommodation in a number of locations within or close to the city centre of London.

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