Five Podcasts Every Student Must Listen To

End of year exams are fast approaching and if it is your final year at university you may be thinking, what now? Taking the next step to an independent life and focusing on your career may not be the most exciting or relaxing concept to think about, but it does not have to be stressful.

If you are looking for some help then look no further. With the new podcasting app, Acast, say hello to much needed motivation and useful advice to take the next step into your career.

With all the necessary answers ready in one place, Adam Martin, Director of Content at Acast, has put together a list of essential podcasts for students. From career inspiration, to relaxation and entertainment, Acast has you covered. Additionally, many of the podcasts come filled with rich media, like useful links and images, so you can completely lose yourself in the podcast.


Joblogues – At a time when the job market is getting tougher, Joblogues is the ultimate podcast to answer any career-related query you might have and to help you on the way to your dream career. It offers invaluable advise from professionals from all areas of work, from freelancers, to entrepreneurs, news anchors, PRs, photographers and others. The podcast’s hosts Joymarie and Cortney upload weekly content, featuring advice on networking, making career progression and managing your own finances. Check out here.

Radio Headspace – With the pressure of exams and looking for a job, it is easy to start feeling stressed and overwhelmed. The quickest way to a calm mind-set? Meditation. Allow Andy Puddicombe, the host of this podcast, to guide you through his no non-sense meditation method and give your mind a little break. Check out here.



ASOS: My Big Idea – This exclusive Acast series featuring ASOS will provide you with all the answers and step-by-steps towards getting your dream job. In every episode, ASOS talks to young, smart women at various stages of their career in a vast number of industries, from fashion, to music, to the food industry. The Acast app lets you share particularly great moments of the podcast with your friends and provides useful links, for a fully immersive and informative experience. At a time when many students are looking towards commencing their career, this podcast will provide you with all the motivation you need! Check out here.

Stuff Your Mom Never Told You – No matter how close you might be to your mum, there might be some topics that she hasn’t discussed with you that you might have some questions about. Look no further than this podcast, as hosts Caroline and Cristen help you decode the world of ‘biology, psychology and sociology’ of men and women. Think of this as your guide to understanding the opposite sex. Check out here.

Life after College – This podcast from the Quick and Dirty team was created with the sole purpose of bridging the gap between university life and the real world. With episodes which tell you all about properly and effectively stocking your kitchen, to advice on managing money, to writing your CV, this podcast is a final year student’s must. Check out here.



Adam Martin is the Director of Content at Acast (, the free-to-use podcasting platform downloadable from the App store and Google play.


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