Five Movies to See Before the End of Summer

Summer may be halfway over, but there are still a ton of great movie releases to look forward to before summer blockbuster season wraps up and students have to hit the books once again. The first half of the summer saw the release of a few highly-anticipated films, including Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver, DC’s Wonder Woman, and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, among many others. As we look forward to the rest of July and August, here is a list of five of the most-hyped movies still yet to be released.


Release date: 21 July

This movie tells the story of Operation Dynamo in World War II, when British soldiers who were left stranded after the German invasion of France had to be evacuated from the beaches of Dunkirk. The movie was written and directed by legendary filmmaker Christopher Nolan, creator of Inception, Interstellar, and the Dark Knight trilogy. It stars young actor Fionn Whitehead alongside an ensemble cast of big stars such as Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, and Harry Styles. Due to Nolan’s reputation and some amazing cinematic trailers, we expect this film to be both visually stunning and action-packed, and we can’t wait to see it.

Atomic Blonde

Release date: 28 July

The trailers for this movie have been some of the most exciting we’ve seen in a long time. They’re upbeat, full of fast-paced action scenes of Charlize Theron beating up rival spies, and backed with a great soundtrack. In the film, Theron stars as an MI6 spy who goes undercover in Berlin in 1989 on a dangerous mission to take down an espionage ring that murdered a fellow agent. The film was directed by David Leitch and also stars James McAvoy. The amazing trailers and the fact that there is a woman in the lead role as a smart and ruthless fighter make this movie a must-see for us.


Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Release date: 4 August

With a lot of hype already surrounding it, Valerian promises to be one of the summer’s biggest science fiction films. Set in the 28th century, the story follows two special operatives who must save Alpha, a planet where many alien species gather to share culture and knowledge, from a mysterious dark force that threatens to destroy it. The movie was written and directed by Frenchman Luc Besson and based on the French comic book series Valérian and Laureline. The cast includes Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne in the starring roles, with Clive Owen, Rihanna, Ethan Hawke, and Rutger Hauer in supporting roles. The visuals in the trailers are beautiful, and the movie promises to be full of energy and sci-fi action thrills.

The Dark Tower

Release date: 18 August

Based on the series of novels by Stephen King, The Dark Tower is an interesting combination of science fiction, fantasy, western, and action film elements. When a young boy stumbles upon another universe through a dream, he meets and teams up with the Gunslinger, a lone hero who is out to defeat his nemesis, the Man in Black. If they do not succeed, the Man in Black will destroy The Dark Tower, a structure which holds both universes together. Directed by Nikolaj Arcel, the film stars Idris Elba as Roland Deschain (a.k.a. the Gunslinger) and Matthew McConaughey as Walter o’Dim (The Man in Black). We’re excited to see what this film does to build on the material of the acclaimed book series.


The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Release date: 18 August

This film combines elements of action and comedy to tell the story of a bodyguard who is hired to protect a hitman before he is supposed to testify in a trial at the International Court of Justice. The two are mortal enemies, with the hitman having previously made numerous attempts on his new bodyguard’s life. Now, they must safely get from England to The Hague while encountering high-speed car chases, assassins, and a ruthless Eastern European dictator along the way. The film was directed by Patrick Hughes, and it stars Samuel L. Jackson as the hitman and Ryan Reynolds as his bodyguard. With great stars and a really good trailer, this film looks funny and promising.

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