Firelli: The Italian Hot Sauces You Need This Summer

All over the world, adding a spicy kick of chili to pizza is a tradition and this is where the idea for Firelli began. All natural Firelli Hot Sauce is the world’s first global Italian hot sauce. Firelli is a low calorie, gluten free and vegan healthy alternative to drizzling chilli oil on food. The Firelli range are the perfect addition to your Summer barbecue or party spread. 
Firelli has three hot sauces in its delicious range. Firelli Original is made from Calabrian Chilli Peppers, Roasted Red Peppers, Porcini Mushrooms, Balsamic Vinegar and a touch of Italian Sea Salt. In June this year, Firelli launched two new expressions to the exciting all-natural Italian Hot Sauce collection, Firelli Truffle and Firelli Extra Hot. 

Firelli Original Hot Sauce

  Firelli is hand-crafted in Parma in Italy from natural ingredients and is medium spiced, not overwhelmingly hot, but rich, rounded and spicy to give a delicious kick to your food. The hot sauce has a Scoville unit rating, on the chilli pepper scale, of between 1,000 – 2,000. A few drops on your favourite foods such as pizza, pasta, eggs or salads will add a delicious rich and rounded spicy flavour.
Firelli RRP: From £2.50 for 148ml. Available from: AmazonOcado, Booths and

Firelli Truffle Hot Sauce

 Firelli Truffle Hot Sauce, which offers the unmistakable glamour and aroma of truffle combined with a spicy kick that gives Firelli an incredible umami flavour. A small quantity of black truffle is added to Firelli hot sauce, a rarity and delicacy to bring complex and magical flavour. The earthy truffle and other fine ingredients give Firelli Truffle Hot Sauce a rich, warm, sweet, juicy heat.
Firelli Truffle Hot Sauce RRP: £5.99 for 148ml Available from

Firelli Extra Hot

Firelli Extra Hot Sauce brings a weighty kick of spice and heat, perfect for the experienced hot sauce fan. Cayenne Peppers are used in Firelli Extra Hot Sauce, which adds a very potent kick of heat and spice. Firelli Extra Hot is the perfect pairing for Spicy Hot Wings – but also adds a delicious spicy kick to grilled cheese, pizza, pasta, eggs and seafood. It has a 4375 Scoville Score.
Firelli Extra Hot Sauce RRP: £3.95 for 148ml Available from
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