Whether you’re looking for a relationship or having a contraceptive crisis, ellaOne provides tips on how to get prepared for festival romance

With festival season well underway, new research carried out by ellaOne, the most effective morning after pill, has revealed that festivals are still a hotbed for summer romance.

Over a third (36%) admitted to stealing a kiss at festivals, one in five (21%) had dished out their phone numberii and almost one in ten (9%) had been on a date with someone they met during festival seasonii, while 5% state they found the love of their life thereii! So, while apps may be popular for pick-ups, the backdrop of music and camping still provides an ideal scenario for kick-starting romantic encounters.

Romantic liaisons don’t stop at tonsil tennis, with one in six (17%) young Brits admitting to having one-night stands at festivalsii.

However, many British youngsters appear ill prepared for these new connections, with just over a third (35%) always carrying protection with them to festivalsii.

To help young Brits get prepared this festival season, ellaOne has put together a roundup of tips and advice for romantic success, as well as providing information on the Medicine Man pharmacy, that will be appearing at festivals throughout summer;

Clean underwear – Do you remember your mum telling you to wear clean underwear in case you get hit by a bus? Well, there are other advantages too. Like if you don’t want to be embarrassed when you hook up at a festival! Seven percent of people forget to put underwear in their festival backpackii. Don’t let it be you…

Great skin – Guess what the number one forgotten festival item is? Sun cream. Almost a third (31%) leave it at homeii.  Lobster skin is never attractive, so grab some SPF minis for your festival bag, so you can apply and top-up during this hot summer season.

Fresh breath – One in six people forget to bring a toothbrush with them to a festivalii. Bad breath won’t help you make festival ‘friends’, so make sure your oral hygiene products are crossed off your festival packing list.

Clean feeling – While those in glamping may have an easier job keeping clean, staying fresh is still possible. Keep some wet-wipes handy for an in-tent refresh. Oh, and pack deodorant (13% of people forget, so you may thank us for the reminderii!)

Contraception – If you take ongoing contraception like the pill, remember to pack it (and take it!) to ensure you remain properly protected.  Don’t be one of the 7% that leave protection to the other personii. Take control, and ensure you bring condoms, as they are the only contraceptive method that will also protect you from sexually transmitted infections*

The unexpected – If after a festival coupling you have a contraceptive mishap, don’t panic. The Medicine Man travelling pharmacy will be available at festivals this summer, for advice as soon as possible after unprotected sex.  This includes the option of ellaOne, the most effective morning after pill at preventing pregnancyi, which should be taken as soon as possible after unprotected sex. ellaOne is available without a prescription.


This year, the Medicine Man will be attending high profile festivals, including:

  • Bestival, Dorset: 2nd – 5th August
  • Rize, Chelmsford: 17th-18th August
  • Leeds Festival: 24th – 26th August


The Medicine Man is also available to help you with other medical concerns.

For additional information please visit ellaOne.co.uk