London, 19 March 2018 –  When it comes to trading, it’s female students who bag first class honours by outperforming their male course mates on average, research by global trading and investment platform, eToro, revealed today.

— They are 29% more profitable than male students with average annual gains of 8.7%

— The best traders of all are IT workers, while even artists trump those in the finance sector

— Battle of the sexes won by female construction workers who make the biggest gains of all

The research reveals that female students achieve average annual gains of 8.7% compared with 6.8% for male students.

In fact, female traders in other walks of life – education, art and design, estate agency and construction – all trump their male colleagues when it comes to turning a profit. eToro studied the trading success of all clients over the past two years and ranked them according to their Return on Investment (ROI).

Women in the construction industry post gains of 14.2% – compared with just 8.6% for male colleagues – making them the best traders out of all professions, whether male or female.

Female teachers post average annual gains of 9.6% compared with 8.1% for male colleagues. And female estate agents and those in the art and design profession also come out marginally ahead with profits of 9% vs 8.9% and 13.5% vs 12.9% respectively.

Overall, however, it is men who perform better. Men make gains of 9.7% a year on average while women net annual average gains of 7.1%.

Profession Women – Annual Return Men – Annual Return
Student 8.7% 6.8%

The study reveals IT workers make the most profitable traders with returns of 13.6% a year, followed by art and design professionals on 12.9% and finance industry workers on 9.4%. Architects rank fourth with 9.2% returns and healthcare workers fifth on 9%.


Profession Annual Return*
Computer/IT Services 13.6%
Arts, Design 12.9%
Finance Industry 9.4%
Architecture/Engineering 9.2%
Healthcare 9.0%
Real estate 8.9%
Legal 8.7%
Building Construction 8.7%
Education 8.4%
Tourism 7.7%
Sales/Marketing 7.6%
Retired 7.0%
Student 6.9%

*Source: eToro survey of all traders over the past two years.


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Iqbal Gandham, UK managing director at eToro, said:

“Thousands of students across the country are using their trading profits to pay their way through university but the girls are doing a much better job than the guys.

“This is a real puzzle. I would love to know what secret ingredient female students bring to the table that male students lack.

“But it’s artists and designers who have delivered the real surprise, showing trading to be more of an art than a science.”


Performance figures based on a detailed eToro analysis of all customers over the past two years (Jan 21 2016 to Jan 21 2018).

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