The FA Girls’ Football Week With TWICE THE HEALTH

Twice The Health With England International Nikita Parris

Football has had a real increase amongst woman, and the FA are raising the profile. Do you see football being a new wave of keep fit for woman?

Absolutely! The skills and drills the girls use during their training session correspond with so many forms of training many of us will practice each and every day!

What are the benefits of football when it comes to fitness and wellbeing?

Fitness and wellbeing go hand in hand. It’s not all just about heart racing, sweat dripping activity. Sometimes all it takes is some time spent in the fresh air, to settle the busy body and brain and suddenly the way you feel can completely change. This is exactly how we felt during our session with Nikita. It was so refreshing to just enjoy the way exercise makes you feel, no pressures with a seriously strong squad of girls. Talk about girl power…

What are the social benefits of the sport?

When it comes to team sport, and often many types of training for us, it’s very much a social occasion. We often organise meeting friends around a workout, run or walk. Not only does it make the whole exercise experience more enjoyable, it allows you to bounce off the energy of those around you. 

What physical benefits can woman expect from taking part in the sport?

It’s a high energy activity so there’s no doubt your fitness will improve, as will cardiovascular levels and full body strength. The speed and performance focused drills will challenge the heart rate and the movement will work muscles you never knew you had!

Alongside physical activity what diet would you recommend to women that train?

There is no one diet fits all. For some people it’s two meals, for others it’s 7, for some people it’s high fat, for some it’s all about carbs so the best piece of advice we can give is take time to find what fits. There’s no rush to achieve the optimum diet and routine. Play around with one that fits your lifestyle and your goals, and we promise once you have found that happy balance the rest will come easy.

Can you tell us in 5 points the key benefits for women playing football?

You’ll no doubt meet a super squad of girls, who’ll motivate and drive you to both feel, and be your best!

Your fitness levels will improve and the likelihood is you won’t even notice how hard your working thanks to the social and fun elements of the training. 

– You’ll learn new skills. From team work, to dribbling you’ll come away from each session having learned valuable lessons.

– It’s an excellent way to incorporate cardiovascular and high intensity power training into your schedule. 

– It’s affordable, so much fun and definitely beats spending hours in the Gym unsure of what to do! 


The FA Girls’ Football Week launches on Monday 6th November and gives students the opportunity to stay active in a fun and sociable way through football. Make sure you head to a session and share a picture of your experience using #JoinOurSquad to win exclusive prizes. For more information and to find a session visit