Ex Blink 182 Tom DeLonge’s Demo Drama

In a follow up to the Blink 182 drama from the beginning of the year, it seems that things are only getting more complicated for former leader singer, Tom DeLonge. After initially denying claims that he had left Blink, then claiming that he had left mutually, DeLonge promised fans that he would be releasing his own solo music along with multiple Blink 182 demo tracks on March 1. However, it seems that plans have once again changed.


Despite missing the original release date for new music, DeLonge did just announced that he would be releasing a new album on his own, titled To The Stars, on April 20th. Fans are desperate to hear new music from DeLonge after he chose to once again walk away from Blink, so for many April 20th cannot get here soon enough.


Even though DeLonge has been rather hush-hush about his musical endeavors, his former bandmates Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus have been very vocal about their continued work with Blink. Hoppus has continued to post photos of various versions of the number 182 with the caption “Always”, while Barker continues to tweet amazing throwback photos of Blink. As it seems that Hoppus and Barker are still fully committed to making music, many fans are anxiously awaiting to see what music DeLonge is going to release.

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