Everything Hot About Coachella 2015 Weekend One

Coachella, one of the most awaited music festivals of the year, began this past weekend and it was incredible. Great music was only one part of the notorious festival that is also known for coming up with some of the best fashion choices of the year. 2015 was no exception, and Verge has the hottest trends here for you.


Kendall Jenner was queen of Coachella this year. She looked absolutely gorgeous on Saturday strutting about the festival with some friends, enjoying the sun and the music. Kendall rocked a white, off the shoulder crop top, paired with a high waist, black flowy skirt with thigh high slits. Her attire was just sexy enough to fit the style of the festival, while still remaining age appropriate for the 19-year-old model. Hanging out with the superstar model was pop star and mother, Fergie. Looking just as beautiful as Jenner, Fergie paired thigh-high cowboy boots with a black lace dress and a black cowboy hat. The pair were not shy about showing affection towards one another, openly holding hands as they made their way through the festival. Adorable.


Fashion was not the only statement that was made at Coachella, naturally. The performance making headlines this year is Canadian actor turned rapper Drake. When the headlining list was announced back in January, many were sceptical about whether or not the rapper was going to hold his own against fellow headliners AC/DC and Jack White. Well, he certainly did not disappoint, especially when he welcomed a special guest super star to perform with him, the one and only Material Girl herself: Madonna. The peak of their performance was when Madge laid a big, fat, crowd shocking kiss on Drake, something that no one saw coming. In her defence, she is Madonna and has completely earned the right to do whatever she wants.


Madonna and Drake were not the only on stage shocker from Coachella. Florence and the Machine also made some great waves, playing some new music and towards the end of the set even shedding some clothes. It’s no secret that at a festival like Coachella, where there is a lot of dancing, crowd surfing, and wandering about in the California sun, it can get very hot; so the fewer clothes, the better. Florence Welch demonstrated her commitment to keeping the Coachella tradition alive, as she began the final song in the set, she removed her sheer top and encouraged the crowd to dance along with her and to remove some clothing themselves. A great way to end a powerful performance.


Coachella has always set the bar high in terms of festival craziness, and this past weekend certainly kept that trend going. Keep an eye out this coming weekend to see what other amazing stunts are going to happen at Coachella – weekend 2.

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