Euro Stars Body Art Removal Would Take Over 16 Years… Ouch

Today, it would be hard to go out without seeing anyone with a piece of body art, and if you are watching the Euros, you are seeing a lot of painted bodies.

The Euros are in full swing in France as teams have everything to fight for across the groups. Fighting for space on and off the field, the most tattooed players from Europe are going head to head as private healthcare search engine reveales the hefty price tag of £38,700 collectively to remove their prized body art.

Swedish striker and competition veteran Zlatan Ibrahimović tops the list as the most tattooed player, and he hit headlines last year when he took off his shirt after scoring a goal to unveil the removable tattooed names of 50 people suffering from hunger around the world. Ibrahimović would face a £8,000 removal bill, including 20 sittings, over nine hours, spread over three years, to get rid of his collection permanently.

From analysing eight of the most tattooed footballers playing in France this summer, WhatClinic estimated that it would take a combined total of 60 hours of tattoo removal* for the European sports stars as it is recommended to wait six weeks between each removal treatment. Belgian defender Toby Alderweireld would have to spend £7,100 to get rid of his tattoos and sit for two and a half days of removal over 24 separate sittings.

Slovak captain Martin Skrtel has made a fortune playing for Liverpool, but if he wanted to remove his sleeves or the giant angel on his back he’d have to part with some of his hard earned cash. The total cost of his tattoo removal would be £5,600, and he would have to spend over 13 hours to get rid of his prized body art.

As two-time defending champions, Spain has a lot to prove this year and icon Sergio Ramos certainly helps them to stand out with his impressive list of tattoos – which includes several to commemorate his achievements on the pitch. Hopefully, he’s happy with how they look as it would cost him over £4,000 and 24 sittings over three years to remove them all. Ouch.

Team England superstar Jack Wilshere has an impressive sleeve of tattoos, but if he wanted to turn back the clock (including removing the stopwatch on his elbow) it would set him back £2,400 over 13 sittings spread over a year and a half.

While the popularity of tattoos continues to rise, not everyone is happy with their choices – enquiries for tattoo removal have risen by 55% over the past three years1. Over two fifths (40%) of those who enquire are aged 24-352. Women make up a much higher proportion of traffic to the site at 60%, compared to male traffic at 40%2.

Euros 2016 Tattoo Removal WhatClinic Infographic PNG

Emily Ross, director of, said: “When tattoos first became part of the zeitgeist in the 60s and 70s, they were commonly associated with convicts and bikers. Today tattoos’ are ubiquitous. Your boss, your mom and even your mortgage broker is probably rocking some ink. Because tattoos are so popular, they are easily available. When less thought is invested, more people make bad decisions about what they get done.

“We’ve seen a decrease in the cost of tattoo removal since we first looked at this treatment in 2014.  More clinics are offering the service and competing for business so whilst demand has grown, customers are benefitting from an average 18% decrease in the cost of one removal session, compared to two years ago. But removing them still isn’t cheap, and not all tattoo fans have the same budget as our Euro players! It’s not just bad decisions that people want to remove, there’s also poor quality work, or work that has faded or warped over time. Tattoo removal takes time and costs money – and some tattoos will never fully disappear. So chose your art carefully, and your tattooist even more so!”


  1. Enquiries made to 845 UK clinics listed on WhatClinic.comin the period 08.06.2015 – 08.06.2016, compared to 08.06-2014 – 08.06-2015.
  2. Demographics data such as age and gender splits are based on sample data from traffic of users to UK tattoo removal pages on
  3. Average prices are made from individual prices listed by clinics on Clinics list treatment and prices differently on, prices usually vary widely and clinics don’t always quote for the same version of a particular procedure.
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