The Essential Guide to ‘Cuffing Season’

Not only is autumn in full swing, so is cuffing season. A lesser known side effect of dropping temperatures and our tendency to hibernate in the darker months. During ‘cuffing season’ people can find themselves desiring to be “cuffed” or tied down. The cold weather and staying indoors makes it the perfect time to enjoy some companionship inside and out of the cold.

If you’re reading this and nodding your head, then here are some top tips from We-Vibe’s Relationship Expert for those seeking some company as the clocks go back and the winter creeps in.

Conversation starters are of the upmost important when meeting a potential cuffing partner, Psychologist Dr Becky says: ‘Say anything you think of that you can share with people in your surroundings, some people will be very open to conversation, and others won’t. For singletons the more conversations you start the better! It’s a great way of desensitizing yourself from the fear of rejection.”

Cuffing season is only 6 months of the year, so there’s no point wasting time with an unsuitable partner. Clue up on how to tell if he likes you on the first date. Dr Becky advises: “If a man likes you his pupils will dilate when he is looking or talking to you. Similarly, if he holds eye contact with you repeatedly – longer than the average person (e.g. 5 seconds) this is a good indication that he’s attracted to you. Finally, a man will usually direct his entire upper body (chest, head, and shoulders) towards you if he is interested to you.”

Remember to give him the signals too, subtle hints with your body position make all the difference. Dr Becky continues, “Don’t lean forward, if you simply lean back while sitting you may reduce the likelihood of him thinking that you seem relatively aggressive or masculine compared to leaning forward to him. Relax your hands, you don’t want to seem tense or nervous towards him and lower your shoulders.

It’s essential your body language is open, to appear available in the first place when flirting with him to understand that you’re interested. Although some people may find it difficult, maintaining eye contact is important as it will allow you to direct your positive energy to him and he is more likely to be drawn to you.”

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