Ending Apartment-Hunting Anxiety

Time to move! Apartment-hunting with your friends sounds fun, right? After all, what’s not to love about the hassle of balancing everyone’s living preferences, working around all your busy schedules to view places, and keeping track of all the information about the apartments you’re considering… Or maybe “anxiety-inducing” is more accurate than “fun.”

But those times are behind us. Enter UrbanCo, the revolutionary new app from The Urban Collective, which puts tenants first, offers the first comprehensive lifestyle-based listing services with properties curated based on their proximity to amenities. Does Oliver need a gym nearby, but Maya wants an easy commute? No problem. UrbanCo will provide options that suit both needs plus many more.

It also undercuts the nightmare of miscommunication. No more lengthy texts, stray emails and stressful phone calls as everyone tries to understand what’s going on. UrbanCo allows users to chat and share images, videos, links, and notes directly on the properties that they’re considering, making them viewable by the entire group. Not everyone is free to see the apartment in person? Record the walk through and share it on the app.

And for those who are really fed up with the entire apartment hunting routine, there’s even a ‘Sherpa’ service that will provide a local expert to view the places for you and return with only the top options cutting that all important time from around 40 hours to just 10! So there’s no more headaches or wasted energy, giving you more time to focus on what’s really important…


For more information on The Urban Collective’s ‘Sherpa’ service head to www.theurbancollective.io, and download the UrbanCo app on the App Store or by searching ‘UrbanCo’ on any iOS device.