Emotional Intelligence is the real career MVP

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Looking for that next promotion or to take the next step in your career? Late nights in the office or taking on more work might not be the key to success anymore. Instead, research has revealed that being empathetic and emotionally intelligent is a positive attribute in the workplace, with 84% of Brits agreeing that a good leader can be both confident and sensitive.

With over three quarters of Brits (79%) believing that being emotionally intelligent helps one be successful in your career, it’s clear that being sensitive and emotionally aware is an invaluable asset in the workplace.


“For too long we’ve seen sensitivity as a sign of weakness, but the ability to be vulnerable, self-aware and empathetic are the very things that make us stronger as people”.

Dr. Cristina Psomadakis (aka ‘Dr Soma), Dermatologist


So what does this mean for stern bosses and frosty managers? With 85% of people thinking it’s important for a leader to be sensitive to the emotions of their team members, it’s clear that it is time to reevaluate the way emotional sensitivity is understood and accepted at work, and start being a little more understanding with our colleagues and co-workers.

The study by Aveeno is part of their new My Sensitive Side campaign, launched to break the stigma around sensitivity that evidently still exists. The campaign has been amplified by the voices of four leading figures who have achieved incredible success in their careers whilst learning to embrace their sensitivity and use it as a superpower in their everyday lives.

Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe, Celebrity Fashion Stylist , Dina Asher-Smith, World Champion Athlete , Thandi Maqubela, Director & Commercial Lawyer  and Olivia Tompkins, Intensive Care Nurse & Aspiring CrossFit Athlete  describe their experiences of sensitivities in their careers in this striking hero film.


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