Dream. Dare. Do. With Pickle

Apart from being a pimped out cucumber, Pickle is also the name of the application destined to save thousands of people time, money and guarantee you a few laughs along the way. The app is straightforward and accessible and lives up to the motto Dream. Dare. Do. Pickle connects those who dream and dare with those who can do. Whether you want something done or you want to dare someone to accept a fun and bold challenge, the only limit is your imagination. 

Anyone can dare anyone else to do anything (legal), from singing in public to kissing a stranger on the street. Students have fully engaged with this new version of our app and frequently call it ‘the real life Nerve.’  Just take a look at the Facebook page and you’ll see what the fuss is all about.

image1 copyAs a student, you face many issues, so many real life challenging issues, from not being able to buy alcohol after 23.00 or not having enough time to get both your dissertation and weekly shop in! Well, this is where Pickle comes in, you can have someone do your dissertation while you go and enjoy a leisurely stroll at your local farmers market. (It’s probably wisest if you do this the other way around).

If you are one of those superhuman students that are all organised and have colour coded post-its organising your every move, Pickle has a use for you too! 

You Sir/Madam have the potential to create your own entertainment, seeing as you are super organised your dissertation is probably done and you can rub your hands with glee and think of the most scandalous things for the mere humans to do.

Does the thought of disorganising the nonfiction section in the library seem too unruly? Well, you could dare some wayward student to streak through the building for a nice tidy sum, or even better they could come down to the student union bar dressed like Marie Antoinette.

Or if you have through no fault of your own burnt through your student loan (Those beats, dinners and holiday were essential) you can be rest assured there will be plenty of ways for you to line your pockets without having to visit the bank of mum and dad. Job offers on Pickle are open for negotiation so you can decide just how much you in a Marie Antoinette costume is worth!

Probably most importantly it’s free to download and there are no awful subscription charges, it’s only available on IOS at the moment but if us Android users put enough pressure on them I am sure we can get them to escalate the Android release!

It seems like Pickle has the potential of being exactly what you want it to be without tying yourself down to a job, which will no doubt take valuable time away from your studies, Pickle is flexible and you can have it work around you!

So go on and Dream Dare Do –  see how far your imagination can take you.

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