Drama at Tower Bridge as Intact WWII Bomb is Discovered

Police have shut down Tower Bridge, one of the most iconic pieces of London, early this week when construction workers found a completely intact WW2 bomb. That’s right: a 5 foot long, 1,000 lb heavy explosive from the Second World War.  At roughly 9:15 AM Monday morning, builders working on a site in The Grange, Bermondsey altered police that they had come across the powerful explosive.

tower bridge

As a precaution, hundreds of people were evacuated from several flat blocks on the large estates surrounding the site, and two separate schools had to be shut down and withdrawn from the area. Several of London’s busiest roads were shut down as the Metropolitan Police’s bomb squad headed to the scene and set up a 400-meter exclusion zone.

Army logistics experts are currently working on the scene to disarm the explosive and make it safe to be transported. While this seems to be a rare occurrence, specialist units have been sent to multiple sites to attend to seven unexploded bombs and five hand grenades throughout London over the past five years. Luckily, there are well thought out emergency plans in place to handle disposing of any explosive that may be found across London. Here, Sargent Rupert Frere can be seen inspecting the explosive.

Rupert Frere


It comes as no surprise that the traffic near Tower Bridge has been completely mad for the past two days, with drivers having to take several detours both North and South along the river Thames, and buses becoming usually crowded with passengers who need to take different routes.