Don’t Move Just Yet: How To Make Your Home Work Harder

When your lifestyle changes, then your home might need to change to reflect that. If you have found your perfect home in the best location and can’t fathom moving, you might not have considered how remodelling the house might give you more space without having to compromise moving from your area. This could mean moving up into the attic, moving some walls, or creating another room altogether. Too often people think that they should move house when they need more space, but the home you have already is often your best asset and a much more cost-effective way of making a ‘new’ home.

Many people who need to create space in their home go straight for the attic, and for good reason. It is often untapped space that is easily remodelled without having to move any structural walls. You will likely have to make some changes to the roof to add windows, but attic conversions are often very straight forward, and they can add a lot of value to a house if they are built to a high standard.


If you aren’t looking to create extra rooms, but you’re craving the feeling of extra space, then you might want to look at changing the layout of your house. Many older buildings often have smaller rooms which don’t suit modern living, and these can easily be opened up to create an open plan living space suitable for your needs. This can let more light in, make your spaces more sociable, and add value to your house, whilst creating a unique living space. You will need to assess which walls can be removed, and how you can change the layout.

Before you begin, you might want to speak to a structural engineer or an architect about your plans, in order to get a fuller idea of the work that might be involved. Once you have an idea of the cost, you will be able to weigh up the benefits of remortgaging your property rather than moving. If you want to weigh up the different options, online mortgage broker Trussle can help you compare remortgage deals. Once you have this approved, you’ll be able to turn your attention back to your dream home and create the living space you always wanted.


If you need more space, and an attic conversion isn’t an option, then you might want to consider an extension. Depending on how invasive your new addition is going to be, you may need planning permission. If you’re looking at a large conversion, this work can be quite invasive, and you may need to consider moving important structural components of the building. Your architect will be able to talk with you about different options, but an extension can bring much needed extra space to your home.

But if that is a bit too much to handle, a good clear-out is a great idea. You can hire someone to help such as man and van in Weymouth.

When you think about all the memories you have created in your current home, it can be hard to let them go. Adding value to your existing house is not only sensible, but it means that you are creating a home that grows with you. Of course, we may all outgrow our properties in the end, but the endless shape-shifting options for your home might surprise you. Whether it is an attic conversion, open plan living, or an extension; let your home work hard for you.

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