Doctor Care Anywhere offers glimpse at future of the health industry

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The NHS is a wonderful, wonderful thing. However, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt at university, it’s that the NHS can be inefficient. In actual fact, I’ve learn several other things that are equally obvious to anyone else, like not to put foil in the microwave or to avoid tumble-drying your trainers.

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They fit my girlfriend now, though.

But the combination of an inefficient health service and even more inefficient students is a much more costly than a pair of shrunk Roshes (RIP), as UCL second year Anna will vouch for:

“I got mild cold symptoms but didn’t go home because the NHS website I could always get an emergency GP appointment even though my registered GP was in Manchester not London, should my symptoms become bad enough.

“I kept getting worse: breathing was difficult, I couldn’t sleep, I had fever and these aches in all my joints which felt like there was ice inside my bones and the only relief was to squirm around because it was so painful. So at this point I’d been mildly ill for a week, and very ill for another week and was mind numbingly bored and sleep deprived. I couldn’t go home to my home doctor because I was far too ill to travel.

“So then I started calling GP’s and explaining I was very ill and needed an emergency appointment, but they wouldn’t take me.

“I called 111 who arranged a GP appointment for me at a hospital that evening. I travelled 50 minutes to the hospital in an expensive taxi, only to find they had no record of my appointment. After pleading and then ultimately waiting 2 hours past the allotted time for my appointment, I was told I’d missed it.


“So then I saw the doctor for like two seconds, he listened via a stethoscope to my chest and was like ‘bacterial pneumonia’ and gave me a prescription. So we ran to Asda, the only pharmacy open, then paid for the both the medicine and a taxi home again.

“With coursework due imminently I needed a sick note for uni, and I called the hospital but they said they couldn’t do it but my home GP would have my details to write one. So I called my home GP and they didn’t, so I called the hospital again to chase it up and they eventually sent the details.

“I called my home GP again but I had to hand deliver a request for a letter and couldn’t do it in post or via the phone. So I had to send and sign a letter to my dad in Manchester, and then he had to hand deliver it, at which point I was told it’d be a 3 week wait, something the university weren’t happy about, but finally, 3 weeks later, I got a letter in the post and a bill for £25.”

Of course, this would all have been solved had Anna registered with a GP in London. The problem is, when students spend their time travelling between home and university, signing up to a new GP in a new city is something they simply don’t do.

Therefore, for students, the NHS isn’t as effective as it is for everyone else with a more permanent ‘home’.

In a bid to solve this problem, Doctor Care Anywhere has rocked up on the health scene and is already changing the way we traditionally think about healthcare.

Doctor Care Anywhere is a service that connects you with a GP via your mobile phone. It allows you to speak to an experienced Doctor through a video or audio call in just a couple of hours or less, allowing for appointments of up to twenty minutes, an emailed prescription or same day delivery service for your desperately needed meds, oh, and you can get an appointment between 8am and 10pm, 365 days a year.

In a world where seven in ten GP appointments can be conducted over the phone, Doctor Care Anywhere is revolutionising the healthcare industry: whether you’re struggling with mental health around exam time, a woman trying to access your contraceptive pill without asking your Dad to pop it in the post every month, or a student with pneumonia who doesn’t want to choose between a GP at home or at university, this app seems to answer all your problems.


Naturally, technology like this raises a lot of questions, and people are naturally apprehensive when it comes to something as important as health. But DCA seem to have all the answers.

All your health records can be uploaded to the app and are stored securely in the same space as MI6 data, GPs are experienced and receive extra training for virtual diagnosis, and all patients who require further examination can get referrals to private health clinics, or else their appointment notes to speed them through NHS bureaucracy.


More information can be found here and Verge readers – yes, that’s you – can get 50% off the standard price if they use the code VERGE50 on download.

Happy healthing.

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