Google have partnered with Interior Design Masters winner Banjo Beale to showcase a new way to search online quicker and more effectively using both images and words: Banjo, showcases how the tool can be best used to find a wide range of  interior items and the alternative choices – whether you are constrained by budget, matching colours or want to hunt for the best sustainable alternatives to your favourite items. 

This comes as new One Poll data found that over a third (38%) of UK adults regret not asking someone where they bought an item from, and for those aged between 18-24 this nearly doubled to almost two thirds (59%). Multisearch allows you to snap an image reference of what you are hunting for, alongside words to narrow down your search. For example, if you see a sofa you like, but would prefer it in a different colour or texture, this tool can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


It is no surprise that the biggest driver when it comes to shopping for interiors is affordability. With the backdrop of the cost of living crisis, over half of UK adults (59%) of people said that when purchasing an item for their home seeing how affordable it is is most important. There is a gender difference here too: when purchasing an item for their home 62% of females focus on how affordable it is, compared to 56% of males. 

Google Trends data confirms this, with Brits searching online about other home queries such as “dry cleaning velvet curtains cost” and “how much does it cost to get a picture framed” – even “whole house decoration cost”. 

There is even a move to rental interiors, likely spurred by large upfront costs. Within trending searches for sofas over the past year, there was a 780% increase in searches for “pay weekly sofas”, and a 250% increase in searches for “pay monthly sofas”. Multisearch aims to give people a range of similar styles, but in different price ranges. 


People literally search inside for happiness, it turns out. With more adults turning inwards to their homes to find solace and happiness, it’s no surprise that interiors are the reason behind people using Search to find new items and styles.

Being able to be relaxed and happy in the home is paramount to Brits, who spend more time indoors than out, and therefore being able to access affordable, sustainable objects, looks and items in their home is really key to happiness. 

Nearly half (48%) of 35-44 year olds say that feeling happier/more relaxed in their homes motivates them to buy new interior items, while for a younger generation, nearly half (46%) of 18-24 year olds say that creating a specific style/mood in their home motivates them to buy new interior items. Around 42% of UK adults are motivated to buy interior items to update the look and feel of their living spaces. 

Around 40% of UK adults care about whether the interior item is appealing to look at in their home, with 27% of UK adults consider matching items to be the most important factor when purchasing items for their homes, but at the same time almost 20% of UK adults admit finding it matching items for their home difficult.

Google’s Multisearch could be the way to help Brits feel more relaxed and comfortable in their homes and also save money. 


‘Google Multisearch in Lens is the newest and most multifunctional way to find exactly what you’re looking for, and it works especially well finding fashion, interiors and sustainable items. It really simply combines pictures and text when searching, which makes finding specific items much more efficient, giving you more specific results but in different price ranges, textiles and colours – right from the Google app. Simply open the app on your phone, snap a pic and use this image to search. If you want to drill down further, you can add text for more options. We are excited about how this technology is helping people to transform their personal styles by giving them more options.’




Another key area in the realm of interior design this year, is the rising focus on sustainability. While over 60% of Brits say it is easier to find items for their home which are “on trend”, nearly a third (26%) of UK adults find it difficult to find sustainable items for their home. 

Google Trends data over the past year found that the top items the UK were looking for in this area included “eco black out curtains”, “bed linen sustainable”, “eco glass vase”, “sustainable photo frame” and “sustainable wall covering”. 

When it came to those wall coverings, the trending searches on wallpaper over the past year included a 150% increase in searches for “sonic wallpaper”, an 80% increase in “insulating wallpaper”, an 80% increase for “spiderman wallpaper”, and a 70% increase for “preppy wallpaper”. 

What colours make Brits happiest in their homes? 

According To New Google Trends Data – Here Are The Items You Can Be Searching For Using Multisearch To Update Your Look: 

  • The breakout colour over the past year was “Copper”. One can find copper items using Multisearch by simply taking a picture of the object and then typing in ‘copper’ to find it in this season’s trending hue. 
  • Also in the top colours for interiors (based on a list of 2,400 colours), included “Light Blue” which was up by 230%, “Anthracite” (up by 230%), “Maroon” up 60%, “Mustard” up 50% and “Indigo” up 40%. 
  • Interestingly, searched for Twill textures are up by 180% and Seersucker also topped the textures list which was up by 140% 
  • In trending ‘cores’ “craftcore” and “barbiecore” were staggeringly break out searches topping the lists at a whopping 1,720% and 1310% respectively, with “ballet core” a close third. 
  • Whilst 60% of people say it’s easier to find on trend items, e.g. trainers, 26% of people admit they find it tricky to search for sustainable items e.g vegan trainers which is where multisearch can really help. 


“I’m always searching for items to style my home, as well as my clients, but it’s not always easy to unearth exactly what I’m looking for. Using Google Multisearch makes finding that need-to-have design piece a breeze. It saves the endless scrolling, guessing or asking strangers where they got something from. The nifty keyword search also means I can drill down even further into my search – whether it’s sustainable alternatives or more affordable options. It’s a bit of a game changer for me and since I started using it I’m always telling my mates to use Multisearch when they are styling or renovating”



The Top 10 Most Searched Colours in Interior Design Over The Past Year Were:

  1. Black
  2. Grey
  3. White
  4. Blue
  5. Green
  6. Pink
  7. Navy Blue
  8. Red
  9. Teal
  10. Cream
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