DJ Khaled’s keys to the perfect workout

Major key alert: if you aren’t already following DJ Khaled on Snapchat (DJKhaled305) then you’ve been missing out. The rapper and producer posts daily snaps of his motivational talks, not only for himself, but for all his snap fans. His videos are indeed inspirational and of extremely positive messages but his obsession with apple vodka, the love for his fans and his many celebrity pals that feature make the videos entirely more entertaining.

Complex’s Emily Oberg visited the DJ at his house in Miami to get tips on his workout regime and to get a little peak inside his home to find out what he does to keep up his fitness. He also finally answers the question of who “they” are and the answer is not as complicated as you’d expect. After watching the video, we’ve taken note of Khaled’s key tips to working out so you can stay as enthusiastic as the motivation mogul himself.

  • Motivate yourself

The DJ is famous for the statement: “They want me to lose. That will never happen” and if you watch the clip, you will find out the ever so polite term he uses to describe who “they” are. He continuously talks to the camera whilst he exercises but he also gives the motivational talks to himself, as well as his snap-chatters and he says that is what keeps him going.

  • Exercise to release the stress

Khaled is aware that he is not the perfect image of fitness but says that he exercises to ward off the stresses of his busy life. Take note, this is just one of the many benefits of exercise. Khaled knows.

  • You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do

When Emily Oberg asks him to pick between Nike and Adidas he responds with “both”, firmly clarifying that he doesn’t have to answer something in the way he is expected.

  • Appreciate your blessings

The rapper is extremely keen on appreciating what he has in life and highlights this to his fans every time he is presented with a mountain of food on his plate. He also likes to continuously remind us all that you have to pay if you want to eat and this is one of his major keys.

  • They key to success is the eye

Some of Khaled’s advice doesn’t always make the most sense but if you think about the following quote taken from the workout video, it does make some sense (kind of): “Some people don’t have the eye, when you got the eye you can accomplish anything.” Bless up.

Check out the video below.

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