DJ KASS Is Breaking The Internet

Ever heard of ”Scooby Doo PaPa”? It literally has been all over the internet, so if you haven’t then you really need to catch up! Lately it seems like we can’t go ten seconds without watching a meme with New York’s DJ Kass having something to do with it and hey, we are not complaining. There are aspects of the song that may sound familiar to you (slight inspiration from Big Shaq’s ”Mans Not Hot”) but all together we’re not too sure if we’ve heard anything like this before. Shazam, Spotify and YouTube fans love this track and we can see why – if you’re in need of a huge pick-me-up before a meeting or a night out, put this on and you’ll be geared up in no time. There needs to be a video for this song but until then, we’re just going to play the audio until the early hours. It’s impossible to not dance to this track, we actually dare you. Check out DJ Kass’ ”Scooby Doo PaPa” official audio below and thank us later!

Header image from DJ Kass’s Instagram