Dixon Brothers and Friends present: Carnival 2020

The annual Notting Hill Carnival has always been a date in the diary not to be missed. Unfortunately this year due to the pandemic we were not able to celebrate together on the streets of Notting Hill. What does carnival mean to you?

Keeping it 100%…it was and has been a massive shame to not be able to have mass gatherings; we’ve certainly missed bouncing around the planet battering venues. BUT Carnival is a precious piece of our heritage and cannot be left to wain. We had to play our part to ‘protect the ting’ and came together to entertain using digital networks as part of the Carnival On KISS weekend.


What is Dixon Brothers & Friends and how did it start


Wow…we’re going way back to probably 2014…We were weekly residents at Proud Gallery in Camden and thought it’d be dope to invite some of our nearest and dearest DJ friends to join us on set. We had some amazing guests Scott Garcia, Bruce Wayne, Marvin Humes, Wookie, Funk Butcher, DJ Kofi, Smasherelly…the list goes on! From there we continued to invite our DJ/artist friends from across the globe to join us on tour which is always a good time!


How did the Dixon Brothers & Friends Carnival on KISS session come about


We had a request from ‘Big Boss Rebecca’ (that’s what we call her), the new Content Director at KISS; she asked whether we’d be up for doing a 1hr live DJ stream for Carnival weekend. During the conversation, the idea just hit us – that Home Alone ‘KEVIN!!!!’ moment…

Rebecca said “go for it”, we put the phone calls in and before long we had a sick lineup confirmed! Mr Redz brought the Soca with Triniboi Joocie, Batch, Sun Divas, Simbaarley and Terrah Dan, our good friend and legendary MC Bushkin blessed the set with Dean E G, and then we capped the day off with DJ Melody Kane and Kele Le Roc

We pitched the idea of shooting at Dinerama in Shoreditch to the KISS marketing team who managed to lock it in and next thing you know…it was game time!


Why did you choose the featured artists


First and foremost, we’re lucky enough to be able to call them our friends. In addition to that they’re all amazing artists…but let’s really break it down…

Bushkin: As soon as you landed at Carnival you were immediately on a mission to find where Bushkin and the Heartless Crew were performing. He’s a sound system legend, incredible energy and his charisma is off the scale 

Mr Redz: Soca = Carnival; if you’re talking Soca, you need to be talking Mr Redz – he’s the go to guy…and brought the cream of the crop with him.

Kele Le Roc: Kele’s certified when it comes to Carnival – it was an absolute must and an honour to have her join us.

Melody Kane: One of the best DJs in the game; a dj who is Carnival personified – that phonecall was iiiiiiiinstant!!

Dean E G: Dean is a super talented DJ and producer who remixed our debut single ‘Feel Me’ ft Gypzee. We knew he would be a great fit for Bushkin!


What are your stand out moments from the show


There were so many moments throughout the show that were incredible to watch live. From Bushkin’s classic Heartless Crew bars, to Kele Le Roc’s rendition of ‘My Love’, we can definitely say that every artist and DJ really brought their A game. When the Sun Divas remixed their Bad & Ready track to say “Dixon Brothers are Bad and Ready” had us waving our invisible flags in the sky. 


Your set has been getting a lot of love. How did you plan what to play?


As you move through Notting Hill Carnival you’re exposed to a multitude of sounds and genres. We’ve always prided ourselves on being true open format DJs, so we knew that we wanted to reflect this in our set whilst fully repping the Carnival Spirit. It’s safe to say that we didn’t have the full plan locked in until about 20 mins before we started shooting…but that’s Carnival, it’s a viiiiiiiibe!


What can we expect next from Dixon Brothers?


We’ve launched our own ‘talent led’ agency – Dixon Brothers Meda. We’re tapping into our 20 years of industry experience across digital marketing, creative design, event programming and a duffle bag of hot ideas.

We’ve relaunched our show ‘The Catch Up’ and have had some amazing guests, including the UK #1 artist Joel Corry, Mr Marbella Colin Francis, and a UK troubadour Shadez The Misfit. There are many more to come…

We’re continuing our work with Bacardi – as music consultants, producers and ambassadors. We’ve got some exciting projects in the pipeline which we’re looking forward to launching very soon.


We’re also REALLY looking forward to touring again…see you there!! 



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