This festive season, Disney+ settles the “Die Hard” Christmas movie question: Is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie? With a new, fun, inspired take on Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy,’ featured in the original soundtrack, and starring renowned tenor Alfie Boe and the Kingdom Choir, this new rendition not only celebrates “Die Hard” as a Christmas must-watch but also delves into why it consistently sparks debate year after year.

With new YouGov research revealing that the nation remains divided over this high-stakes Christmas question, the time is right to settle the debate with a choral call to arms set to take people on a journey through all the reasons why. For those who firmly believe in the ‘Die Hard’ festive camp, three-quarters (76 percent) argue that it is a Christmas movie because it takes place on Christmas Eve, with an additional 62 percent pointing to the fact that it’s set at a Christmas Eve party.

While 35 percent of Brits think the action classic should be considered a Christmas movie watching tradition, 33 percent disagree that it should be on anyone’s Christmas playlist. Nearly a third of us (31 percent) have even argued about ‘Die Hard’s’ credentials as a Christmas movie with friends, family, or colleagues.

Two-thirds (62 percent) of Brits believe that Christmas movies are an integral part of the season’s festivities. Thirty-eight percent have a designated ‘go-to’ festive movie, a cherished tradition they uphold annually to immerse themselves in the festive mood. Additionally, nearly a third (31 percent) express that they kick off the Christmas spirit by watching their first festive flick while putting up decorations and dressing the tree.


For me, “Die Hard” is one of those movies I can watch over and over again; it’s timeless and definitely a Christmas classic. Everyone has their own view, I am sure, but for me, it has all the ingredients that make up a festive film, from the setting to the soundtrack. We thought this would be a fun way to get people into the Christmas spirit and acknowledge one of the most enduring Christmas debates once and for all. Is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie? This song says it all. Everybody had a lot of fun making the track and I think that comes across, so I hope it brings a smile to anyone watching too!” 

English tenor Alfie Boe


This fun interpretation of ‘Ode to Joy’ comes with lyrics that unequivocally affirm what many have sensed all along – “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie: 

Die Hard is a Christmas movie 

A fact that no one can deny 

If you still doubt its festive cred 

Then here’s some Yuletide reasons why 


It’s set at a Christmas Party 

Taking place on Christmas Eve 

The most festive time of year 

All non-believers must agree 


John McClane’s wished Merry Christmas 

When he lands at LAX 

Sleigh bells ring at 1 minute 50 

Festive so far? Yes, you bet 


Then there’s John’s wife, her name’s Holly 

How many more clues? Is this enough? 

The only thing missing is a Christmas turkey 

But Hans Gruber does get stuffed 


12 villains crash the party 

12 days of Christmas. Coincidental? We think not 

Eighteen mentions of the word “Christmas” 

Quite the merry melting pot 


Is Die Hard A Christmas movie? 

We’ve proved that beyond a doubt 

So John McClane’s a festive hero… 

“Yippee-Ki-Yay Hans, over and out” 


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