BACARDÍ celebrates the release of its first-ever rum variant collaboration in the brand’s 155 year history, with the launch of BACARDÍ®  X MAJOR LAZER LIMITED EDITION. A limited run of the brand-new blend will be available on Amazon in the UK from early December, and is a result of the brand’s passion for music and creative partnership with the electronic music trio, Major Lazer.

Over the past few months, BACARDÍ and Major Lazer’s collaboration has come to life in many exciting ways; from creating epic music experiences for fans around the globe, to supporting emerging Caribbean music talent by securing studio time and spreading their music to the world.

This latest venture saw Major Lazer’s Diplo, Jillionaire & Walshy Fire work with the BACARDÍ Maestros de Ron to create a unique rum blend that expresses the flavours of the Caribbean. With a warm silky body and notes of tropical fruit, cedar, almonds and vanilla, this unique blend is filtered before and after ageing. It has a rich amber hue, and has been tropically aged for a minimum of three years.

The MAJOR LAZER LIMITED EDITION rum further cements the trio’s partnership with BACARDÍ, and is inspired by The Sound of Rum; a diverse sound that can be traced back to the islands where BACARDÍ rum heralds from. It represents the unique intersection of music and rum, where the two blend to bring people together.


Major Lazer’s music has long been inspired by the Caribbean, with two of its members hailing from islands themselves. The distinctive Sound of Rum draws on influence from a collection of Caribbean genres like Reggae, Dancehall and Afro Beats, and fuses them with modern day global influences from Hip-Hop, Trap, and Grime to create something truly unique. It is this unique spirit and fusion of flavours that has led to the creation of this new rum blend.

Major Lazer member and Rum expert, Jillionaire, said: “Creativity is in our blood. We create music on pretty much a daily basis, but creating our own rum is the stuff of dreams. We’ve worked with BACARDÍ to create this unique blend, something that we feel really embodies The Sound of Rum and links rum and music in a way that’s never been done before”.

The special edition will be available as from Amazon priced at £20.00 on 16TH December 2017