Time to Create A Chicken Wing Emoji?

Deliveroo has published an open letter asking tech creators to add a Chicken Wing emoji, which has been backed by chicken restaurants including KFC, Morley’s and Wingstop, just in time for National Chicken Wing Day.

The ‘Put A Wing On It’ letter, which has been published ahead of National Chicken Wing Day on Wednesday 29th July, calls for creators to finally add a chicken wing emoji, rather than only offering users a chicken drumstick emoji to send into the world.

Have companies simply mislaid the emoji, or is it that they don’t recognise the world’s love of wings? Thanks to Deliveroo’s ‘Put A Wing On It’ campaign, the world might finally find out.

The campaign is supported by seven restaurants on Deliveroo serving the most popular chicken wing dishes around the UK, as well as chicken wing appreciation groups such as The Wing Club, Wing Jam and Wingsource, helping Deliveroo’s efforts to put pressure on tech creators to correct the oversight.

The open letter from Deliveroo and friends also offers tech companies the free use of a newly designed chicken wing emoji, featuring tasty, crispy wings, in a standout teal bucket. To get access to the emoji, companies should @Deliveroo to kick-start the conversation.

Aisha Jefferson at Deliveroo said: “Chicken Wings have fast become one of the most popular dishes on Deliveroo – in the past year we’ve seen a 102% increase in wing orders and we have over 3,000 restaurants serving them, but no two restaurants do them the same. With so many different types of wings to eat, it doesn’t stack up that there isn’t an emoji for them. With the force of some of our amazing restaurants behind us – we’re on a mission to make sure chicken wings finally get the credit they deserve with immortalisation in emoji form. For the love of poultry, put a wing on it, already!”

To give back to its chicken-wing-loving customers and celebrate National Chicken Wing Day, Deliveroo is also offering one lucky wing addict the chance to enjoy free chicken wings for an entire year from any of the 3,000 wing-selling restaurants on the app. To enter the competition for free, head to Deliveroo’s Twitter page (@Deliveroo).

To read the letter in full, head to Deliveroo Twitter and for tech brands wanting access to the newly designed emoji to add it to keyboards after longlast, they should @Deliveroo to kick-start the conversation. 

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