tastecard, the UK’s largest diners’ club, has revealed an increase of alternative Christmas dinner dishes as the nation decides to let go of tradition and opt to eat out on Christmas than ever before.

UK restaurants have begun to roll out their festive menus and traditionally the classic turkey with all of the trimmings would be sufficient enough. However, favourites such as burgers filled with brie and cranberry from Frankie & Bennie’s, pizza with turkey breast toppings from Wildwood restaurants and pasta with pigs in blankets featured in Bella Italia’s festive lasagne, are all now offering a significantly wider option of choice on their Christmas set menus.

Restaurants are seeing a major increase in bookings on Christmas Day (up 26 per cent in 2018)2 and customers’ interest in alternative dishes, particularly meat-free options.

The ever-growing rise of vegetarian diners has made an impact to most menus this Christmas as veggie and vegan choices have expanded dramatically and now feature in 53 per cent of all tastecard’s 6,000+ partner restaurants. The same old nut roast is being swapped for dishes such as butternut squash risotto topped with pine nuts seen in Bella Italia or roasted Mediterranean salad specifically at Frankie and Bennie’s. Notably, tastecard’s independent partners are offering a range of Christmas choices following the nation becoming more adventurous with their festive dishes.

For the UK’s health-conscious, which on average spend 12hours a week exercising3, are not trading in all of that hard work and dedication for an extra helping of spuds and gravy. Instead, dishes such as the Jackfruit Taco and a Christmas burrito from Chiquito are providing a lower calorie alternative that doesn’t leave guests feeling as if they’ve missed out on all the fun.

tastecard rounds up the most popular alternative Christmas dishes from thousands of restaurants available on the app for those looking to break tradition:



  • Spinach & Ricotta Girasole and Yoghurt Panna Cotta at ASK Italian
  • Mediterranean Lasagne at Frankie & Benny’s
  • Beetroot & Quinoa Burger at Giraffe
  • Aubergine Penne at Prezzo
  • Roasted Salmon Chopped and Topped Salad at Chiquito



  • Roasted Vegetable Bake and Primavera Vegetable Pizza at Wildwood
  • Rustica Jackfruit Italian Hot Pizza and Roast Aubergine Rotolo at Zizzi
  • Baked Wellington at Café Rouge
  • Piri Piri Oumph Fajita at Chiquito
  • Vegan Zucca at Pizza Express



  • Festive steak, Sloe Gin Trifle and Stuffed Beef Yorkie at Table Table
  • Christmas Turkey Katsu at Giraffe
  • Brie and Cranberry Burger at Frankie & Benny’s


Anwar Sultan, Chief Marketing Officer at tastecard said: “Eating out is a great option for those wanting a stress-free fest and restaurants are rapidly responding to customers’ wishes. While it’s sad to see the once meaty homemade Christmas roast fall from grace, it’s good to see restaurants giving customers alternative dishes. You could almost say ‘Thanks for giving us the option!'”


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