With new year’s resolutions in full swing, we’ve all worked out our new fitness regime, haven’t we? We have circled the latest aqua-zumba class on the leisure centre timetable, promised our neighbour we will walk the dog twice a week and even prepped our lunch for the month! But what if we could tell you there is an easier route to get fit and achieve your summer bod?

Well music app DICE has found the ultimate music lovers workout! Fans everywhere will be ecstatic to hear that dancing along to your fave act at a gig is equivalent to a 40 minute jog!

DICE monitored fans’ heart rate and steps across live gigs, to show the health and fitness benefits of dancing to your favourite act. Grime gigs top the list as the most energetic genre, with fans racking up an average of over 7,000 steps, equivalent to a 42 minute jog (One ultimate fan danced a total of 18,106 steps equating to 13.8 kilometres in one night!!)

7,000 steps, equivalent to a 42 minute jog

So perhaps there really is no need to race for the last treadmill (or at least pretend you are) as stats show working up a sweat at a live show could be more beneficial than a trip to the gym anyway!

The music discovery and ticketing app distributed Fitbit units to some of its biggest gig-goers to track the average steps and heart rates at gigs representing five major music genres – Grime, Electronic, Pop, R&B and Indie.
Grime topped the list, clocking average of 7,635 steps; which is nearly three times more than the UK’s adult daily average of 2,000 steps and equivalent to running 17 laps around London’s Wembley stadium!!!!

Ditching the after-work spin class and heading to a rave could soon be the norm since dance music fans racked up an impressive 6,565 steps; and got their pulses racing with the highest average heart rate of 121 bpm. One raver stepped 13,091 times, completing a quarter of a marathon (10 kilometers) in one night.

If Grime or dance music is not your bag and perhaps the latest Justin Timberlake track is more your choice, scrap your jog around the park and go to a gig, with pop fans hitting just under the 5K mark. 

Russ Tannen, Head of Music said: “This is fantastic news for gig-goers everywhere. Little did we know that while we were spending night after night in sticky floored basements, freezing cold warehouses and packed venues, we were accidentally hitting our fitness goals.” That said we’re pretty sure the O2 arena or Brixton Academy would suffice just as nicely as those freezing cold warehouses!

Go to DICE to find out more information about the app and upcoming gigs. Download the app on the Apple store