As Autumn comes to a close, we transition into a new season – no not winter. We’re talking about ‘cuffing season’.

So let’s start from the beginning. What is cuffing season? According to the ever-credible source, Urban Dictionary, cuffing season is the period during autumn and winter months, where single people look to be “cuffed” or tied down in a serious relationship. The cold weather along with significant periods of time spent watching Netflix alone, start to make singletons crave those romantic nights in with a S/O.

This got dating app Badoo questioning, is cuffing season really a thing?

After delving into their database, Badoo found evidence that cuffing season does exist! Matches increased by a whopping 105% for women and 67% for men in the winter, compared to the summer months. So it really does look like single people are definitely dating more proactively in the winter.

Badoo also surveyed 2000 of its users and 71% admitted they look for a partner in the winter months as they feel it’s the most romantic season to date.

Claire Stott, their in-house dating expert noted: “There is some science to this – in our hunter-gatherer days, people who coupled up in the harsh winters had better survival rates due to additional help in food resourcing and so on… Much like today’s equivalent of sharing a Deliveroo and splitting the cost”