Copenhagen: A hidden gem

Not only is Copenhagen a beautiful and welcoming place, it is highly environmentally friendly and cities around the world should take inspiration. The ratio between cyclists and cars is unbelievable and the majority of citizens who choose to cycle, as opposed to drive, means that the air feels cleaner and pedestrians feel safer. It also means that it is not a loud, bustling place and traffic jams are nonexistent for this highly economic city.

Cycling makes it extremely easy for tourists to see the city’s stunning parks and visit the wide selection of stylish shops. Having a Louis Vuitton next to an H&M is not something you’d see in London. The endless streets of high street brands and expensive designers make Copenhagen a shopping haven for everyone.


The streets aren’t overcrowded, the public transport is extremely organised, and there is a decent coffee shop and juice bar on every corner. No wonder everyone there is so happy and laid back.

We took a walk around Pebble Lake more than once during our stay and noticed that it was the most popular hangout of the whole city. Groups of students were sat on the grass listening to music or chatting, and every single bench was occupied with couples or individuals who just wanted some fresh air whilst looking over the beautiful water. Nobody was sat scrolling through one of the many social media feeds on their phones and this amazed us. The people here were so happy just to sit and watch the world go by.

What we learnt from our stay was that the great outdoors does a world of good for everyone’s mental and physical health and that Copenhagen is a hidden gem everyone should visit at least once.


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