Content Sports Apps are Booming, Here’s Why

It doesn’t matter if it’s the latest football match, horse race or the upcoming Olympic Games, the majority of today’s UK sports enthusiasts are no longer interested or satisfied in only watching their favourite sports in person or on the telly. The internet and mobile apps have digital-savvy Brits seeking a more interactive experience that connects them with their favourite teams, players, events and all other sports-related content, where they want, whenever they want.

Improved technology is resulting in both spectators and players wanting to engage with the world of sports through different avenues. As such, the ever-popular sports industry only stands to benefit from content sports apps that give fans more of what they want: on-demand and real-time action. These apps can provide mobile users with a sense of community, content from popular athletes as well as deliver better streaming services so that they don’t miss out on all the action.

Each of these key app content benefits could help support what is quickly becoming a millennial-driven industry.


Getting Social with Athletes

Today’s sports fans want to hear more from players and popular sports commentators and less from news reporters. In fact, over the past few years, athletes have stepped up their online game, with more and more of them using social media platforms to share and express their opinions.

For instance, this report by Deloitte reveals the growth of athletes as content creators with the help of popular social media apps like Instagram and Twitter. Additionally, athletes have also been bolstering their digital presence by contributing long-form stories on The Players’ Tribune and similar sites.

Deloitte suggests that this trend of sports players building their brands using these platforms is only likely to grow and become more impactful in the future. That’s because, in the coming years, more famous athletes who were raised in the digital age are likely to take advantage of this opportunity to build their brands prior to becoming household names. Content sports apps with social media integration puts players in closer contact with the athletes they care about.


A Real Sense of Community

Content sports apps with chat and newsfeed options are also hot features, giving app users the ability to share their reactions, opinions and predictions about the latest news and events in the world of sports with one another.

Additionally, a news feed keeps users continuously engaged with the most up-to-date information and trends. This way they never have to miss out on any of the action in case they want to share their thoughts or join in. Chat and news feed features create a connection that brings app users closer to the world of sports, allowing them to engage with the community, wherever and whenever.


The Real-time Convenience of Live Streaming

Since it’s not always possible to be at the most talked about events in town and abroad, Brits want live streaming options. For instance, in recent months, bookmaker apps in the UK have seen the introduction of more features, including more live game streaming options for punters. Sportsbook operators are placing greater focus on digital as they seek to expand their online presence both at home and overseas following the crackdown on the maximum stake of fixed-odds betting terminals from £100 to £2 back in April of last year.

What’s more, live game streaming gives sports fans, whether they’re bettors or not, the chance to watch games live or catch the recording of the ones they’ve missed, at home or on the go.


Sports App Revenue is Growing

Sports apps have also gained worldwide popularity over the years and their revenue is growing to prove it. According to SensorTower, the sports app category had a rapid increase in net revenue growth in 2017 and 2018. Moreover, growth remained strong in 2019, with sports apps projected to have suppressed $250 million (£193.9million) in net revenue by the end of last year.

Meanwhile, the net revenue of Apple App Store sports apps is expected to reach $520 million (£403.3)by 2023, and the net revenue for Google Play sports apps is expected to be about $151 (£87.9)million by 2023.

With the multi-billion-pound UK sports industry continuing to grow, it comes as no surprise that contemporary app developers are discovering the value of investing in content sports apps to grab a piece of the pie.

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