CODE Beautiful Offers Revolutionary Mascara

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CODE Beautiful’s new VLM (Volumising, Lengthening Mascara) has caught the eye – or eyelashes, rather – of the editors of Verge.

Code VLM is the whole package, and a chic one at that. Their formula includes 14 key ingredients delivered by a unique brush design to give you your best lashes yet.

The secret is in the “Baby Lash Brush.” While most mascaras only focus on the lashes that are fully grown, CODE has designed a brush to build volume by capturing baby lashes that provide a darker frame along the lash line. This gives you a supportive, volumising base for longer lashes.

It also uses a minimal fibre formula, which means no flaking or irritation. Instead, CODE uses wax from palm tree leaves to volumise your lashes from root to tip.

Celebrity fans of the brand include Uma Thurman and Emma Thompson. Code VLM has also been used by renowned make-up artists on members of Little Mix and X-Factor.

The creators of CODE – Sarah Cross and Kirsti Shuba – refer to it as “the little black dress” of mascaras. After searching high and low for the perfect mascara and coming up empty-handed, they decided to make their own. The result was Code VLM, their beauty hybrid.

Since its launch in 2014, Code VLM has only picked up steam on the beauty scene. And be sure to keep your eye out for the Code VLM mini coming in Spring 2015.