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Didn’t get the grades you were hoping for? Terrified of facing clearing? Verge has found the modern solution – the Clearing App. It features 423 UK colleges and universities, as well as over 36,000 courses, with a call button providing immediate access to clearing helplines and funding hotlines. It also, really helpfully, shows what types of assessment you’ll expect on the course and what the university’s culture is like (particularly useful if you haven’t been to visit). Really simple and clear to use so hopefully it should ease the stress and complications of clearing for many students. UCAS don’t even have an app!

Here are the tips from Owen O’Neill, founder of and you’re welcome to use them:

    1. Be open. Don’t be afraid to change courses at this stage – you may need to branch out slightly from your original course choice. There are plenty of success stories of people choosing another course and finding it’s actually a better fit for them.
    2. Don’t be desperate and go for the first place that looks available – save a few options of different courses or places and don’t rush to make a decision immediately. If you prepare prior to results day by researching different courses and universities, you’ll be in a much better place to make an informed decision.
    3. Always call the college or university in question to discuss your options, and be prepared to answer questions about why you’d like to go to that particular institution (that preparation will help here too!) And don’t let you parents or teachers call for you – you are the one who needs to show your passion and commitment to the subject and university.
    4. Think about whether the college or uni will really suit you – what sort of campus is it (it’s a good idea to try and visit but obviously that might not be possible on results day) and what’s the nightlife or culture like. The Clearing app from University Compare tells you how much time you’ll spend in lectures, what the course fees are and what types of assessments there are to ensure you’re choosing the right course for you.
    5. Be focused on the job at hand. You might well be emotional on results day if you don’t get the grades you’d hoped for but try and keep a clear head and get a friend of family’s opinion too if you can.
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