City of worries! Londoners spend 15 days a year feeling self-conscious 

From healthy eating to fitness goals, this time of year is known for inspiring people to change something in their lives for the better. With most resolutions relating to appearance, a study has found over a quarter (27%) of Londoners spend up to one hour per day feeling self-conscious about their looks – which equates to 15 days a year!

The research, commissioned by SmileDirectClub, the industry pioneer and first direct-to-consumer medtech platform for transforming smiles, noted that nationwide Gen Z spends a staggering 36 minutes per day (8.4 days per year) worrying about their looks, which is44% higher than the national average (25 minutes).

Meanwhile, baby boomers (55+) feel the most confident above any generation, with 60% of boomers rating their self-esteem as six or higher on a scale of one to ten. 63% of respondents under the age of 55 are not so self-assured, rating their confidence as six or lower on the same scale.


Top Things Londoners feel self-conscious about 

  1. Teeth [45%]
  2. Hair [31%]
  3. Smile [30%]
  4. Eyes [25%]
  5. Nose [23%]

Looking at specific features people in London feel most self-conscious about, almost half of those surveyed [45%] list their teeth as their biggest bugbear, followed by their hair [31%], smiles [30%] and eyes [25%]. While well over a third [41%] admit they tackle their insecurity by smiling with their mouth closed.

Kay Oswald, President of International at SmileDirectClub, said: “It’s disheartening to learn how many people are struggling with their confidence and self-image on a day-to-day basis. Overcoming negative perceptions of ourselves is a vital step to transforming our lives and positively impacting our place in the world. SmileDirectClub is honored to help people rediscover their confidence through affordable and convenient access to a straighter, brighter smile.”

Interestingly, the study revealed that 47% said that smiling has the power to instantly make them feel better. Perhaps this is why almost half [46%] of Londoners say they would smile back at a stranger, no matter how out of the ordinary or awkward the situation. People in the capital also voted Cheryl Cole’s smiles as their favourite [24%], followed by Julia Roberts [22%], Michelle Keegan [21%], Kylie Minogue [19%] and Holly Willoughby [14%].

However, with a smile, must come a frown; according to the survey, receiving the wrong takeaway was highlighted as the number one thing to make somebody in London scowl [30%], closely followed by looking at finances [29%], their football team losing a game [25%], the Monday morning commute to work [20%], and being told to smile more [19%].


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