The appetite for skateboarding is on the rise, with nearly half (48%) of UK teens saying they are feeling inspired by those in the sport. Yet for them, it’s about more than just getting on the board. From skateboarding style that oozes confidence, to having a fearless attitude, the younger generation has bought into the skateboarder mentality.

In partnership with Skateboard GB, Samsung unveils its new immersive skateboarding experience – the Drop in with Samsung Flip Park, inspired by the Galaxy Z Flip5. The space is more than a skatepark, with two-weeks of exciting events on offer – from art to music, tech and fashion, all set to immerse guests in every element of skateboarding culture.

To celebrate the new skateboarding space, the brand commissioned research to look at what it is that sets this generation apart when it comes to harnessing this attitude, and what it would take for generations beyond Gen Z to have the guts to try.

And with fearless youth skateboarders like Sky Brown scooping top awards and redefining what a skater girl looks like, it’s no surprise that female skateboarders in the UK have seen a 20%2 growth in the last year. Yet of the 750,000 people who skateboard in the UK, only 22%2 of those are female.

Skateboarders like Sky are helping change the game by setting a new standard of what it means to be a skateboarder, with next gens seeing them as ‘fearless’ (48%), ‘strong’ (43%) and ‘courageous’ (37%). And over half (61%) of millennials say they wish they could embody the skateboarder philosophy.

Both Samsung and skateboarders share the same Korean ‘Tu-hon’ spirit – a burning, under-dog spirit of grit, passion, and ingenuity – which inspired them to bring together a team of pro skateboarders, empowering the nation to have the guts to try something new.

Leading this team is Sky Brown, a 15year-old Olympic skateboarding sensation and World Champion, who said, “One thing I love even more than skateboarding, is seeing others try it and love it for themselves! You have to have the right attitude, and never give up – it’s all about having guts. I can feel people in the UK getting behind our sport and I can’t wait to see where we can take it together.”

When it comes to braving a new skill, the UK’s teens are paving the way, with 67% saying they would have the guts to try something new like skateboarding, vs. just 28% of millennials.

“Sport is incredible for many reasons – it teaches you so much about yourself. At Samsung we’re guided by the ‘guts to try’ and strive to break down barriers against all odds, something people would never get on a skateboard without having. We’re so excited to bring our partnership with Skateboard GB to life through the Samsung Flip Park, empowering the next generation to embody this fearless attitude,”

Annika Bizon, Marketing & Omnichannel Director at Samsung.

What’s stopping the rest of the nation from unlocking their inner skateboarder, and trying anything? For millennials, it’s the fear of embarrassing themselves (43%), unsure on how to start (37%), and lack of confidence (36%). On the flip side, 76% of UK teens agreed they feel confident trying a new hobby, even if they don’t know anyone else who does it.

But for both generations, being able to flex their hobbies by filming themselves on a smartphone is a big priority, with 74% of millennials and 84% of Gen Z in agreement.

Whether you’re trying to perfect your flip fails on the ramps, or pushing your boundaries elsewhere, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip5, and its incredible camera and Flex Mode capabilities with Flex Window, will ensure you’ll never miss a trick. And the new Drop in with Samsung Flip Park combines the latest tech with all elements of skateboarding culture, for a content-worthy place for guests to share, create and express themselves.

Be part of the ‘Drop in with Samsung Flip Park’ experience from the 1st of December, located at 201-207 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6LG, London. Simply drop in to enjoy the interactive experiences on offer or book a spot at one of the scheduled events here:

And to learn more about the Galaxy Z Flip5, please visit:

Also, to learn more about Samsung’s partnership with Skateboard GB, please visit:

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